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Since its debut in the summer, Pokemon Go has become one of the highest-grossing phone apps of all time. Yet it is undeniable that it is not quite the sensation it was even a few months ago. For those of us eagerly awaiting something to draw us back into the game, it seems as if our prayers have been answered. Niantic, the developer behind the game, is planning to roll out 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon. If you're like us, these Gold and Silver Gen 2 Pokemon add some excitement into a game you finished playing over a month ago. And no, they haven't announced anything about Mew or MewTwo yet. We will keep you posted if we hear anything.
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We recently got a chance to try the newest Oculus device, and we can confirm: it is epic! The Oculus Touch puts users in a fully immersive world where, for the first time, they will be able to use hand movements to fully engage with the virtual world that they are in. When we tested it out, we got to play The Unspoken, a wizarding game bundled with the device. You can actually cast spells and duel using your hands! It is absolutely the single sickest gaming experience we have been a part of this year. Preorder yours now to see how awesome it is. 
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