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There are few things more frustrating than spotty WiFi. Dealing with buffering video or lagging games is something no one wants to deal with. We've tried a number of solutions but have found marked success with Plume. Rather than use one or two routers that may or may not leave dead spots around your home, Plume is designed to be placed in every room of your house that you want WiFi in. The tiny routers then wirelessly link together to provide a seamless web of internet throughout your home. Try it out to see how it can bring you internet happiness.   
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Building AI into gameplay has become all the rage in 2016, as more and more games include maps and characters that react to your personal movements and actions. One of the best examples of this trend is the game The Last Guardian. Under development for the last seven years, this new PS4 game follows a boy who must escape a fortress-like compound, all with the help of one massive cat-bird-dog hybrid. What makes The Last Guardian stand apart is that the creature, named Trico, is an AI character who can respond and interact with your character in ever-shifting ways. While this can occasionally be frustrating, the gamer's relationship with Trico feels realer than it would with a pre-programmed character.
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