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May 12, 2020
If you missed it last week, Peerplays blockchain founder and PBSA President Jonathan Baha’i gave a very detailed update on the state of Peerplays. For those of you who aren’t logged into the Peerplays Telegram channel or just plain missed it, we are posting the entire update below.

Jonathan has been very busy lately, providing a glimpse into the vision of Peerplays and its future in a series of articles that have been popping up throughout the Spring, and there are more to come. Be sure to follow him on Peakd so you don’t miss any of his writings!

His recent articles are listed here:

Peerplays RNG

When randomness is controlled by an operator, it invites the potential for results to be manipulated and compromises the mechanics that were intended to be secure and fair. 

Before going into Jonathan’s update, we want to add one more item. Over the last few days, Peerplays RNG was introduced to various news outlets and is currently undergoing testing from GLI, one of the most recognized names globally for RNG verification.

More updates on Peerplays RNG will come in due time, but this is a very exciting development for the Peerplays blockchain, and most importantly for the North American gaming community!

The full announcement can be read here.

Update From PBSA Founder Jonathan Baha’i (originally posted on Telegram)

The Vision
While recent questions about where things are at are all well and good, I believe perhaps the most significant development with peerplays recently has been about why anything we have done or are doing is worth believing in.

There isn't a single dapp in existence today on any platform. If you really believe in what dapps stand for, and I think most people here do, you appreciate the effort we have put into tackling things that others have only paid lip service to.

How many times in the last year have we seen a "dapp closed down", or a "dex close down"? Just to illustrate the point, no one in the industry has created an actual dapp despite the many claims. 

I wrote a recent article discussing this and how I believe peerplays can achieve something that will bridge this gap between real decentralized applications, and posers. You can dig more into it here:

GPoS is working as it's supposed to without issue, next steps for it are harnessing it further in everything as we move forward. I believe things like raindrops, airdrops, and other functionalities relating to dapps will utilize GPoS in many ways to create engagement and alignment.

Sidechain Operator Nodes (SONs)
SONs is still in testnet and being hammered with edge cases and addressing them. Just the other day we completed a docker image complete with blockchain history downloadable from a gitlab to make it easier for potential SON operators to get setup with minimal effort. This will also make it easier for witnesses as well. 

We had an edge case we called the ‘justin son issue’ which led us to have to redesign the way weighted voting was working. There were concerns surrounding this as the weighted voting was an element of gamification meant to have improved participation. After considering other aspects of how SONs operate, we decided this same gamification can be derived from other operational elements that are unique to SONs. So issue resolved, and slight change in way rewards work but still with the same outcome. 

The mechanics of SONs were designed to be universal. Efforts to add on things like EOS and ETH are going to be relatively easy compared to handling Bitcoin as a result. Sort of like after you climbed Everest, everywhere else is a cakewalk
Bookiepro has been basically on pause with the pandemic shutting down sports. The main focus of improvement there is with Couch Potato. We have had some private testers working on this and the feedback thus far has been encouraging. I feel very strongly that this new direction for oracalization is more true to the spirit of decentralization and will create an antifragile ecosystem for Bookie and many other oracle driven applications in Peerplays.

Avalon Meta
Avalon Meta is continuing in their trials and just got their first trial app on google play and had more than 7000 downloads in the 1st 24hrs. They are capping the beta at 15k users. Features they plan to use in Peerplays includes our marketplace operations, NFTs, and other tokens which will drive their educational game economy.

Improved Processes for Developers
Back in February, I started an initiative to improve processes for developers working with peerplay through a specific gitlab designed to make it easier for us to have work items in peerplays accessible to work on, and also make it a place for new projects wanting/needing developers to get something done on Peerplays be able to easily find resources. It is only recently we started to have this environment take shape and have been in the process of moving PBSAs development processes in there. This would not only provide a greater degree of transparency, but would also allow the community to more easily engage in development discussions directly, and also participate in them with a potential to get paid, and earn other rewards. We should start to see this become publicly used soon.

The StreamersEdge product test launch provided feedback on features that have required reconsidering how it operates. Funny enough, it may become something alongside Couch Potato to work with. I don’t have a lot of details on that at the moment. I do know that next steps on that will be to recommend having it released and continue to work on improvements. How soon that happens I don’t know atm.
Staff Reduction
Now for the hard candy. PBSA hasn’t been unaffected by covid19. We had many opportunities lined up this year that literally went poof over the course of the last few months. This along with all of the unknowns we had to make the hard decision while staff was already working from home to reduce our team numbers. We have a core team which is continuing with everything, but are right at this moment still adjusting to the changes of all this. Everyone remaining has their essential roles and are dedicated to Peerplays success as part of our mission. We have no plans to hire anyone else for the rest of the year at least given the circumstances in the world. Some of those that were let go had been with us for a few years, and it was difficult to have to make this decision, especially when I had to give this notice over a call instead of face to face. Ug, not pleasant, but sometimes the tough decisions require these things of us. 

This will have some impact on our output in the immediate future as we reorganize, however, it has also enabled us to become more laser focused and more communicative as a team since our numbers are smaller now. At present our team now numbers 13 including a few full time contract workers.

More to Come
At the present moment there are other things underway like updating the whitepaper, a new website to better reflect where we are today and where we are going, as well as some other initiatives I cannot get into right now only because it's too early that really focus on community support. 

There is a lot more I can go into in regards to learnings we have had along the way, but this isn’t the place to be able to even share the tip of the iceberg on that. So much discovery!

I have been thinking about hosting a jitsi group chat recently and would like to make it open to everyone. Great thing about jitsi is it's accessible even from a browser and requires no download if you don’t want. I can share more about our learnings, but also like to discuss some matters as they relate to Peerplays. I may come back about this some time this week depending on how things look. Feel free to msg me private if you are interested in getting an invite.
The PBSA Team
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