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2020 Technology Update Newsletter

We Moved!

We moved, and we brought the action with us. Our new location is at 2601 N Stanton St Ste A (on the corner with Robinson in the Kern Area, only a few blocks away from UTEP). Our new location is streamlined to help us focus on our offerings and working with entrepreneurs, while supporting core members to excel in their own missions... Ohhh and we have a ton of different lunch options all around and parking right in front. 🙌 Be sure to follow us on social media and our website to know when we host our next events at our new space.

Cowork Oasis at CES 2020

Remember how we went to CES 2019 last year? No? Well, we did... and we highlighted lots of cool tech in our start-of-year newsletter. This year, we went again and took 30 of our closest friends... students and entrepreneurs from our region! Each attendee got to experience some of the latest in technology innovation hitting the market in the next few years. Below are some of the coolest things each person saw, as well as this quick video summing up our overall experience.

Uber | Hyundai eVTOL aircraft

Get ready to travel by air. It is expected that traveling by drones will increase exponentially in the next 2-3 years. Companies are currently testing flights and are setting up to go operational in 2023. The model in photo is Hyundai S-A1 Model. It is designed for a cruising speed up to 180 miles/hr (290 km/hr), a cruising altitude of around 1,000-2,000 feet (300 - 600 mt) above ground, and to fly trips up to 60 miles long (100 km).

Innovations in Transportation

The future of commuting this decade will be driven by sensors and LIDAR technology. Everything from monitoring heart rate to happiness will be embedded in vehicles. Biometrics will dictate what advertisements are displayed as you enjoy your ride. There will be so much data collected from sensors and AI will influence the way transportation advances.

DNA Personalized Products

Genetic testing kits are increasingly becoming cheaper and more widely available. For the initial life of the technology, the main use was to give you your study results, but not much else. Now companies, such as dnanudge pictured above, are taking your genetic data and helping you make better decisions for your health.

Exoskeleton Power in Action

We've all heard of exoskeletons and how they can let you lift cars, but we haven't heard of any mainstream companies actually using them. At CES, we were proven wrong and saw a good application from a company that developed the technology for their own use. Delta Airlines developed their own exoskeleton for employees to easily lift up to 200 pounds. With this, they can do things such as move heavy equipment from place to place repeatedly for hours long shifts. FYI No more back pain!

Quantum Computing

IBM hosted a super session on the advances in quantum computing. The panel of speakers provided how IBM is working with Exxonmobil to enhance materials, accelerate R&D and test solutions that will help alleviate climate change. Thanks to quantum computing processing power, problems that would take 10 years to solve can now be done at rates of 2-3 years. Other information shared was that there will be a demand for quantum computer programmers which currently do not exist.

The background of the photo shows where there are academic hubs, universities, and national labs with use and capability of this technology. Training the next generation on this technology will be critical for development and technology adoption.

Smart Cities (5G)

CES showcased how smart cities are growing exponentially thanks to advances in IoT and 5G. Seoul was a major player demonstrating their technology and how it provides accessible public transportation. They emphasized their inclusion in urban transport services and ensuring the health and safety of passengers and others who share the road. We need to be aware of Smart City advances so we can keep up with the times.

Youth Entrepreneurship

During CES’s Young Innovators To Watch, a group of young entrepreneurs presented on their startups. The two high school juniors in the photo from Seattle, WA, invented a 3D printed stethoscope that monitors vitals and incorporates AI. The age of information were are living in makes it possible to spread information and let young entrepreneurs emerge all over the world.

Personal Greenhouse

Greenhouses are great for growing food, but not everyone can have one in their backyard... or can they? Companies such as MyFood are making sustainable personal food growing a possibility by selling their greenhouse product with integrated aquaponics system. Apart from the physical system, they also support growers with a platform that shares practices for managing their garden and an accessible community.

Female Empowerment in Tech

It is highly important to inspire girls pursue a career in STEAM. Things such as the Ad Council's #SheCanSTEM campaign work to empower females and give them the resources necessary to discover their path.

Water Made from Air

Yes. That guy is filling his plastic water bottle with water that came from the air. If you are still offended that he is not using a HydroFlask, re-read the first sentence. The water coming out of that tap was sourced from Zero Mass Water panels which take solar energy and harvest water out of the air. The process allows consumers and world aid groups alike to install the panels and generate clean water for drinking. If you already have solar panels, this might be the next step for you. Let's wait and see if there are any other utilities that can be extracted from the air in the future...

State of Entrepreneurship 2020

Lastly, check out this cool video on the last Startup Grind event we hosted at Cowork Oasis. The event was on the current state of entrepreneurship from the perspective of Venture Capital investor Beto Pallares. Basically, he goes into specific data points and gives his take on what to look out for in startups and investment in the coming years.

More Big News Coming!

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