Our School is FREE!  Aogaah Foundation has no paid administration.  Only the Khmer teaching staff is paid. 

Aogaah Village 15/16 School News 

August 2017

If you believe in the power of education, together we can give these kids a chance.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 - 5:30pm

Charles is once again hosting his free annual fundraising dinner cruise for Aogaah Foundation's free School in Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.   This is a fabulous night out and a great opportunity to meet up and socialize with local expats, local dignitaries, visitors and the Aogaah School staff.  

Tour the mighty Mekong River at sunset while listening to live traditional Khmer music and viewing the Phnom Penh skyline.  The boat will depart the dock at 5:30PM and return at 8:30.  We will continue to party for a couple of hours at the dock, on the boat so if you can't make the cruise, please come join us at the dock.

The cruise and buffet are free.  The Cocktails, wine and coffee are regular pricing.  (Cambo Cruise is even donating the profit from the drinks to the school!)

For your donations  

Charles says:  "The food is free.  The Cruise is free.  Take the money you would have spent on food and a fun cruise (Over $24) and put it in the donation box.  I will match donations, up to a total of 500 USD.  I challenge you to increase the total that I will donate by making a donation yourself."

This is the start of the 2017/2018 Aogaah School year. If you can not attend, you are invited to visit to make a donation  via credit card or PayPal.    All donations go exclusively to the education of the children attending the Village 15 School.   (there is no administrative cost)  

Aogaah's School is made possible by people like you!

PLEASE spread the word to your family and friends. Below are links to the flyer in different format's for you to pass on.

Download Full Page Flyer to Distribute Here

Download 1/2 Page (2 up) Flyer (Grey Scale) 

Download 1/2 Page (2 up) Flyer (Color) 

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We are the Village 15 School Teachers and we would like to welcome you aboard the dinner cruise.  We hope you will come and meet us.

Kids Need Education Cambodia 2017/2018 

"Where your money goes!"

Aogaah Foundation ® and Aogaah Cambodia Village School have no paid administration or offices.  The only paid employees are the teachers.

Aogaah Foundation® and Aogaah Cambodia Village School deeply appreciates all gifts.  Large or small, money or supplies.  They all help make a difference in the lives of these children.

Donate Here!

A Helping Hand

Imagine you are in a pit 3 meters deep and you can not escape on your own.  All you need is a helping hand to assist your climb out of this confinement.  

You are not looking for a gift.

Your are not looking for a house or a car.

You just want to be competitive and functional.

Kids Need Education (NGO) provides this boost to poor Cambodian children. Being able to read, write and calculate enables these children to be employable. Instead of just working in the market shining shoes, they can be selling shoes.

Rick Meyer (Teacher Rick)


Our Philosophy:

  • Our school is free to students and their families
  • We do not teach religion
  • We provide equal opportunity for girls and boys
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