The Shire of Esperance acknowledges the Nyungar and Ngadju people, the Traditional Custodians of this land and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community
In honour of Her Majesty the Queen, a National Day of Mourning and a one-off public holiday will be held on Thursday, 22 September.

The public holiday on Monday, 26 September will still occur in WA.
West Australian Opera

Suitable for all ages
Children’s/Family Opera
Duration 60 minutes (no interval) 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Tickets $25-40 with family packages available

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For more detail have a read of the
Wildflower Festival's Newsletter
And visit:

This concert series has been curated by Robin Hillier baroque flute.

Here is what he has to tell you about it!

Don’t doubt us on this one, there is more to this than just alliteration, honestly.

Are you more certain of your love for an artisanal ale than you might be for the fertile genius of a certain 18th century composer? (fertile is a key word here, he had 20 children…).

Well friends, you can have your pastry stout and eat it at Bach and Beer.

In Bach’s day, composers and musicians weren’t pampered, superstar artistes, they were considered craftsmen who produced worthy entertainment with their hands.

Bach was confident in his ability, but his compositions served practical purposes at coffee shops, state events or in church. Indeed, while those in the know appreciated Johann Sebastian’s talents, he did not receive the kind of adulation that a craft brewmaster does today at your local meet-the-brewer event.

At Australian Baroque we appreciate the melange of fruit and tropical esters in a hazy IPA as much as Bach’s mastery of mixed national styles and we want to share.

Not in the sterile concert hall, but with our feet firmly planted on the ground of a brewhouse (trust us, Germany approves).

You get great craft beer, fresh from the source and served as the maker intended along with a captivating taste of Bach’s best, also served as intended on the instruments of Bach’s day.

You've probably already heard Bach on a film, used in an ad or on the radio, but you will hear it anew as your taste buds and ears awaken in this unique, laid-back experience.

Discover musical masterpieces with a beverage in hand. 

Bach & Babies - 22nd Sept 10:30am @ Noel White Stadium (Mums and Bubs welcome) Tickets  $15

Bach & Beer - 22nd Sept 6:30pm @ Lucky Bay Brewing - Tickets $47.50

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The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), in conjunction with the Australian Government, is currently running a grant funding program called Rebuilding Regional Communities (RRC), which aims to support remote, rural and regional communities in Australia to recover from and adapt to COVID-19.
Sitting in FRRRs Strengthening Rural Communities Program, RRC provides two tiers of funding to support community recovery: micro grants for requests of up to $10,000, and larger grants, offered twice per year, for requests between $10,001 and $50,000.
Strengthening Rural Communities Round 15 has just opened, and this round includes both tiers of RRC grants.
Applications for this round are due by:
  • Micro grants: 5pm AEDT, 29 November 2022
  • Larger grants (two stage process): EOIs 5pm AEDT, 18 October 2022; Full applications (by invitation) 5pm AEDT, 29 November 2022
Please see the Guidelines for more information.
We understand that the impacts of COVID-19 may be difficult to articulate and are felt differently in each community.

Social isolation, financial stress and volunteer burnout are just a few of the impacts we are aware of, but we know that many communities have their own stories to tell.

So, we want to hear from community organisations that are looking for support – we are happy to discuss community needs and project ideas to see how they fit with our program, or other FRRR programs.

For more visit:
As the Sports Year is coming to an end, the 2022 Sports Star of the Year Awards Night will be held at the Civic Centre 5th November 2022.
The nomination package is ready and available here and nominations will be closing will be 5 October 2022.
Contact Jill Reynolds (Secretary) or 90710609.
The ACAP Psychology Clinic is staffed by final year Psychology/Clinical Psychology, Counselling/Psychotherapy and Social Work students on placement and offers a wide range of individual and group therapy options.

Students are closely monitored and supervised by experienced senior clinicians and academics.
Services are delivered free- at no or very low cost (all fees waived currently in response to the pandemic). 

We provide individual therapeutic services, which are not time-limited – using a range of therapeutic approaches.

We currently have a very short waiting list for our free telehealth and face to face therapy services to young people and adults. We can see clients face to face in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Telehealth (zoom) services delivered Australia wide.
Referrals are accepted Australia wide. Clients and families from regional and remote areas are very welcome to access our free services using Telehealth.
People can self-refer to the Clinic or via a warm referral from your service.
GP/Medicare referral is not required, and the service is available to all people regardless of visa status. Refugees and International Students are very welcome.
The Clinic values diversity and work with First Nations, CALD and LGBTQ+ people. Children, adults, and young people from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds; Culturally or Linguistically Diverse; Queer and other communities are very welcome to make contact. People living with Disabilities are also very welcome at the Clinic
To book, refer, or for more information, visit The ACAP Psychology Clinic website: send us an email or call (02) 8236 8070.
Small Landholders - is your lawn mower registered?

For those of us with any cattle, sheep, goats or pigs on our property, we are all part of keeping our livestock industry and our animals safe from a disease outbreak and protecting our domestic and export markets.

This means, we need to be able to identify our animals and their movement.
Registering a PIC for your animals is not a difficult exercise. Click HERE to learn more.

Like the microchip in our dogs and cats, our livestock require an identifier. This may be a brand, earmark, tattoo or NLIS ear tag. Click HERE to learn more.

This is all about identification and traceability, all essential for buying, selling and disease control.

If your animals go down in condition and look unwell, it could be anything from lack of nutrition, to worms or a disease. If you are unsure, seek advice as soon as possible as welfare issues could arise.

If you see something in your animal that concerns you call the disease hotline on 1800 675 888 for the best advice.
Please do not feed any food scraps and other waste to your livestock. It is illegal to feed any form of food scraps to pigs.

The last FMD outbreak in the UK started from airline food waste being fed to pigs.
Remember, Esperance is a port town with an airport, a daily bus and hire car availability.

Travellers can be in Esperance from overseas countries in less than 24 hours and have been known to carry livestock disease contamination on their boots, clothes and luggage.

This can put us all, including you as a small landholder, on the front line of this form of transmission.
For those returning from Bali:
  • Consider increasing the time between leaving other countries and being in contact with your livestock. This might include an overnight stay in the port of arrival.
  • Delay contact with stock by anyone who has recently travelled.
  • All clothes and boots that have left the property need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to make sure there is no dirt or organic material

Visit Department of Ag (DPIRD) -

Have a chat with your local vet – they are a wealth of knowledge;
Or visit the ASHEEP website
A selection of COVID - related resources can be found in the links below
Vaccination Information
Roll Up for WA
Proof of Vaccination Advice

Testing & Isolating
Covid Testing
Free Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Program
Quarantine & Isolation
Test Isolation Payment Scheme

Managing COVID
COVID Plan for your household
Looking after yourself
Managing COVID-19 Symptoms
Caring for COVID-19 Positive People in your region

Translated Advice
Current Restrictions
Business Tools & Information

State Coronavirus Hotline: 13COVID (13 26843)
National Coronavirus Helpline: 1800 020 080.
To have your Community Notices included email
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