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So, I've just been on a lovely wee holiday with some of my best pals.

Does it count if you just go back to your parents house? Is that still a holiday? Maybe only if you live somewhere beautiful like this (Anglesey), not sure people born in Milton Keynes holiday there. I'm not saying "staycation" because that word is awful.
 Anyway, I was enjoying this fit view and then I saw a black thing in the water, it's the thing I'm looking towards with a bit of white behind it near another dark thing. I was sure it had a face so I called my pals over cos I thought it was a seal.Very exciting! It didn't move much and then sort of bobbed about and sunk slowly. After about a minute of silence I said "did we just watch a dog drown"? And then we just sort of watched the shadow of something drift about the floor of the straits.I don't know if you've ever watched a dog drown on holiday, but it's not exactly a kodak moment. Luckily for us it drifted up to the surface (after ages, like) and it was deffo a seal so it got exciting again because I saw a seal on holiday! Or an immortal dog, either way it's a win.
The people I went on holiday with were the good eggs I organise Suspiciously Cheap comedy with, kind souls the lot of 'em.
If you want to catch our very special and different comedy night then come along to a Suspiciously Cheap, it's a fiver and June 3rd in London we have Ellie Taylor and Lucy Pearman and more to announce. We're also heading to Leicester on the 10th of June and the first act we've announced is the brilliant Guz Khan, see you there.

I'm still on tour, just. I've had the best time recently. I inexplicably sold out at York and Machynlleth Comedy Festival. It's mad and brilliant. Last two dates are approaching. I'm at Wells Comedy Festival on the 25th of May, as are Gein's. Apparently there's only 3 tickets left for this show.
My final show is a huge one. It's at The Lowry in Salford on May 27th- I'd really love to pack this out and go out with a bang. There's about 25 tickets left so if you know anyone who might enjoy the show can you send them along? Tickets are here.
I'm all over the radio at the moment, like Ed Sheeran but with topical material and no desire to surprise you at your wedding.
If you want to hear me being the thickest person on the radio you can listen to me on an episode of The Leak with James Acaster. Or an episode of The Leak I did with Clint Edwards and Matt Forde.
Or you can listen to me on the Newsquiz with Helen Lewis, Fern Brady and Jeremy Hardy here.
I love the radio because you don't have to do your hair, I mean I still do it but it's nice to have the option.
All Killa no Filla is going to America. How amazing is that? I'm terrified. I don't think anyone is going to come! Rachel thinks we'll be closing the Superbowl by this time next year so hopefully she's right.
Here's the schedule:
September 22nd - Gramercy Theatre, New York
September 23rd - Paradise Rock Club, Boston
September 25th - House of Blues, Chicago
September 26th - Cobb's Comedy club, San Francisco
September 29th - The Regent Theater, Los Angeles.
All tickets are available on this link.
I can't believe this is happening.
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