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I cannot believe that this shoddy little podcast we record in a spare room and edit, badly, on free software just took us to America.

We absolutely loved the US, even if immigration didn't love us. Four and a half hours we sat on plastic chairs in a horrible room, deffo got piles now. One of the immigration guys asked Rachel if she was married and what her phone number was and she thought she was well in. Turns out it was for the form but it didn't stop her getting excited when he took her into a side room wearing rubber gloves.
Anyway, the waiting lists for the Xmas Live shows were massive so we decided to put a couple more on sale - BUT THAT IS IT FOR NOW!
So, we're doing an extra show in London on the 1st of December in the Leicester Square Theatre. It'll be just like the other one, it's on the Jon Benet Ramsey case.
We don't want to neglect the North so we're doing another show at the New Adelphi Theatre in Salford (at the Uni, right by the Salford Crescent Station) on the 8th of December. 
You lot can buy them before the muggles if you use the code "Legend2018" , that will work from 10am on Monday the 8th on the ticketmaster website. On Wednesday the 10th the tickets will be on general sale from 10am. Hope to see you there!
Also, a mouse is watching me as I type this so please bring your humane tips to get these adorable gits out my house.

My tour is on sale as is a run at Soho Theatre!
I loved my last tour and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE! Most the dates are on sale, few more to announce, they'll go up on facebook and my wesbite as soon as I have them. Aberystwyth and Manchester have sold out - madness. In fact Manchester has a second date on sale, I'm so happy and proud of how it's going I feel like a rat in an experiment just endlessly pushing the button that gives me synthetic positive stimulation and I'm about to starve to death in a lab and I'm fine with that.
Tour Dates Here
Suspiciously Cheap in Salford and Cambridge
Cities famous for their superior universities...
October 16th we're back at the ADC Theatre with a FIT line up.
October 22nd we're back at the New Adelphi Theatre with Jayde Adams, Jordan Brookes and more.
Both shows are only a fiver so even your skint mates can come and laugh.
As usual I will be ploughing through a load of new material as will Goose and Gein's so it's fun to see us die on our arse if nothing else. The London show is back on the 25th of November and Kieran Hodgson is on and someone from America but I can't recall her name, feel like that's enough to get excited about though?
All Tickets Here
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