Tesla smart trucks, Self-flying planes, Kar-Go's £292K crowdfunding
This week, UBS asked people whether they’d fly on pilotless planes (they wouldn’t), BenevolentAI announced its US expansion, and Academy of Robotics gave more updates on its crowdfunding campaign.
A truck on the streets of London. Tesla wants to change that with electric, driverless—and presumably spaceship-looking— trucks. (via
Also, Reuters found out that electric carmaker Tesla is working on more than driverless cars: it wants to bring about self-driving (electric) trucks. The news agency published email exchanges between the Elon Musk-led company and transport authorities in Nevada and California, revealing Tesla’s plans to start testing its autonomous semi-trucks soon.

It is understood that Tesla’s long-haul driverless trucks will make use of a technique called “platooning”, which allows several freight vehicles to drive in formation behind a lead truck— doing away with a lot of human drivers.

While we had known about Tesla’s trucking ambitions for a while, courtesy of Elon Musk’s tweeting, the official kick-start of on-road trials is slated for September.  

Tesla will have to face the competition of formidable rivals such as Alphabet’s Waymo and Uber’s Otto— as both companies are working on driverless truck programmes.
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Autonomous planes are cheaper, but nobody trusts them
The public is not ready to board on self-flying airplanes, a survey by Swiss bank UBS revealed. Some estimates project that pilotless planes could save airlines over £23 billion a year in fuel, salaries and training— and technological advances could make them a reality sooner than expected. Still, out of a poll of 8,000 people UBS questioned on the subject, over 50 percent answered they would not travel in an autonomous craft, even if it cost less.
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London-based BenevolentAI launches US office following Google hire
London-based AI company BenevolentAI has announced the expansion of its business to the United States. The company, which has focused its efforts on drug discovery and biotechnology, is about to open an office in New York, where it plans to put together a team of AI experts. This follows recent hires of former Googler Keith Hall and machine learning leading light Daniel Neil.
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Driverless vehicle startup academy of robotics gets £292k in crowdfunding
Welsh company Academy of Robotics has gathered £292,930 in crowdfunding to develop its self-driving vehicle Kar-Go. The company, based in Aberystwyth, has conceived an AI-powered pod that would combine machine vision, sensors and offline map analysis to autonomously deliver goods in residential areas.
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Trying to look cool at cocktails?

1. Google is making AI music (via Science Magazine)

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4. Amazon’s “Everywhere Store” (via WIRED UK)

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Beñat Arregi created this dataviz to show Airbnb users’ perceptions about different areas in major European cities.
Building on data and reviews from 
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