Outside Insight, AlphaGo Zero, and Social Media Spies
This week, Alphabet’s DeepMind announced the creation of a new AI able to learn the game of Go all by itself, while Privacy International revealed that British intelligence agencies are spying on millions of people on social media.
Also, Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen has published “Outside Insight”, a book where he lays out a manifesto for a new corporate decision-making.

Lyseggen thinks that most companies are getting data wrong: when making decisions, they look inward —turning to sales figures, financials, internal reports—while the key bits of information can actually be found outside: in social media posts, job postings, competitors’ legal documents and patent filings.

We caught up with Lyseggen for a chat about his book. Listen to the resulting podcast here.
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Outside Insight: What changes now?
At the “Outside Insight” book launch event in London, Jorn Lyseggen sat down with three professors from Oxford’s Saïd Business School, to talk about the consequences that shifting to an outward-looking decision-making system could have for the way companies are run and business choices are made.
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DeepMind’s new AI doesn’t need humans to learn stuff
DeepMind has announced that the latest version of its Go-playing AI has learnt to excel at the board game without help from human players.
DeepMind’s new AlphaGo Zero has acquired its Go skills by analysing the game’s rules and playing repeatedly against itself. It took three days for it to grow skilful enough to trounce the original AlphaGo 100 games to zero.
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British intelligence is surveilling millions through social media
Privacy International has revealed that British intelligence services are harvesting and storing the personal information of millions of social media users—and sharing it with foreign governments, police forces and companies.
The advocacy group also highlighted that the IPCO — a governmental  body overseeing the actions of intelligence agencies— had not been informed of the mass surveillance practice.
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