Criminal AI is coming soon, China Overtakes America in AI funding
This week, Google-owned Verily revealed an AI-powered system to predict heart disease, and a new report revealed that China bolted ahead of the US in securing AI funding.
Also, a study by a brain trust of technology and security experts sketched out how artificial intelligence techniques already available today could be used by criminals, terrorist groups and rogue actors to inflict great damage.

The nightmare scenarios outlined in the 101-page document deal with the political, physical and digital threats emanating from malicious AI.

They include the weaponisation of commercial drones with explosive and facial recognition to carry out targeted assassination; the AI-aided fabrication of fake videos of politicians for disinformation purposes; and false kidnapping scams rendered more credible by speech synthesis.
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Google-owned Verily can predict heart attacks by looking in your eyes
Alphabet’s life sciences subsidiary Verily has developed a system that harnesses machine learning to predict a person’s risk of heart disease— simply by looking at their eyes.

By processing scans of the back  of a patient’s eye, the software can accurately glean information about that person’s age, blood pressure and smoking habits, which can then be further assessed to predict how likely they are to have a heart attack.
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China bolts ahead of US in AI arms race
China overtook the US as the world’s first destination for money invested in Artificial Intelligence, according to a CB Insight report. In 2017, China secured 48 percent of the £10.9 billion equity deals going to AI startups worldwide, while the United States only raked in 38 percent.
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AI company Status Today raises £2.8M in Seed
Artificial Intelligence company Status Today has raised £2.8 million in a Seed round led by Saul Klein’s Local Globe , and backed by Firstminute Capital and Notion Capital. The company uses AI analysis to allow companies to keep track of how  their employees behave in real time.
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Trying to look cool at cocktails?

1. Tesla’s cloud was hacked to mine cryptocurrency (via The Verge)

Meet the future of robotic retail (via BuzzFeed)

We need a Cyberwar treaty (via WIRED UK)

Elon Musk quits OpenAI (via BBC)

More Boston Dynamics!

Remember Boston Dynamics' door-opening robot from last week? It's back, and it is being harassed by a guy waving a hockey stick. Enjoy. 
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