UK test autonomous lorries, Grid Edge raises £200k, Google and Walmart team up
This week, UK AI company Grid Edge has raised £200,000 in Seed from Ignite, Google and Walmart joined forces to bother Amazon, and plans for an Apple bus emerged.
UK is going to test self-driving trucks in 2018
Also, the British government has announced an £8.1 million effort to test self-driving trucks on UK public roads. The programme—to be overseen by the Transport Research Laboratory—is slated to start in 2018.

The lorries will travel in convoys of three, with only the first vehicle manned and the other two taking its cue when it comes to steering, braking and accelerating. By travelling very close to each other, the trucks will meet less air resistance, which is expected to slash fuel consumption and reduce congestion.

The technique, called “platooning”, is catching on in Germany, Japan and the US (Tesla, Waymo and Uber all are fan), yet some have expressed doubts on its benefits for the UK’s busy motorways.
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AI-driven energy startup Grid Edge raises £200,000 in seed
Grid Edge, a startup aiming at improving energy efficiency, has raised  £200,000 in Seed from Ignite, a fund focused on energy companies.
Birmingham-based Grid Edge has developed smart software able to monitor a building’s energy usage, and optimise it through an AI-driven forecasting system.
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Google and Walmart launch alliance to take on Amazon
Google has announced that its users will be able to buy the product of US hypermarket Walmart through shopping app Google Express, or via Google’s voice-activated assistant powering speaker Google Home and Android smartphones. This is the first time Walmart has made its goods available on a third-party platform, and the deal is largely seen as an attempt to bother e-commerce giant Amazon.
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Apple to launch autonomous shuttle bus
Apple is working on a self-driving shuttle bus to run between its Cupertino headquarters and the nearby town of Palo Alto. According to the New York Times, the iPhone maker will test its autonomous driving software on a vehicle manufactured by a commercial carmaker. The bus’s official moniker will be PAIL —as in “Palo Alto to Infinite Loop.”
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Synthesising Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio
University of Washington's scholars have used Artificial Intelligence (a recurrent neural network) to fabricate a lip-sync of former US President Barack Obama. Starting from an audio clip  they synthesised a high quality video of him speaking with accurate lip movements in a totally different scenario.
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