Facebook M lands in Britain, Andrew Ng's $150M fund, Elon Musk's AI triumph
This week, it emerged that machine learning guru Andrew Ng is setting up a $150 million fund to invest in AI, Elon Musk-backed OpenAI defeated a world champion at online videogame Dota 2, and Fiat struck a deal with Intel to create self-driving cars.
Also, Facebook announced that M, its AI-powered personal assistant dwelling on the Messenger platform, is now available in the UK. The chatbot can answer questions and carry out basic tasks—such as make a purchase or book a table. It also uses natural language processing to analyse users' conversations and suggest relevant follow-up actions. For instance, if you are on Messenger chatting about money, M could pop up with advice about payment methods; if you cannot decide where to go on holiday with your friends, M could create an online poll to sort the matter out. Luckily, British users will be able to turn the nosy AI off, if they wish so. 

This goes to show that Facebook is getting serious about its virtual assistant programme: but will text-based M ever be able to compete with voice-powered household names such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant?
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AI titan Andrew Ng launches $150M venture fund 
Google Brain founder Andrew Ng is working on raising a $150 million (£116 million) venture capital fund. An SEC filing suggests that former Baidu chief data scientists Ng—who also co-founded online educational platform Coursera— is planning to pour some real money into Artificial Intelligence projects.
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Elon Musk's OpenAI triumphs at E-sports tournament
A bot trained by Elon Musk-backed OpenAI has beaten one of the world’ best players at a match of online videogame Dota 2, during e-sports tournament The International. The machine learning bot had been coached by pitting one Artificial Intelligence against another, and letting them play for weeks until they mastered the game. The AI defeated Ukrainian professional gamer Danylo Ishutin in a one-on-one match— winning the first game within ten minutes.
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Fiat Chrysler joins Intel and BMW in self-driving car partnership
Fiat Chrysler Automobile — the Italian-American carmaker — is teaming up with Intel to develop self-driving car technology. The partnership also includes German carmaker BMW ,and autonomous vehicle company Mobileye, which Intel acquired last March. The group’s goal is deploying 40 driverless vehicles by the end 2017.
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Trying to look cool at cocktails?

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Technology's purpose? Eliminating human interaction (via MIT Technology Review)

Robots can now self-repair themselves (via WIRED UK)

Something doesn't sit right with this driverless car

The Guardian busted this "fake self-driving car" in Arlington, Virginia. The vehicle, masquerading as driverless, was in fact steered by a person disguised as a car seat. Multiple queries to the the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute revealed that the stunt was actually a scientific experiment about how people would react to autonomous cars roaming across their city.
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