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This week, we talked about AlphaGo taking on world Go champion Ke Jie, Mogees’ Seed round, and the European Investment Fund.

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DeepMind's AlphaGo beats world Go champion Ke Jie
DeepMind’s Artificial Intelligence AlphaGo has beaten the Chinese world champion Ke Jie in the strategic board game Go, winning two of three planned games.The match is taking place at the Future of Go summit in Wuzhen, eastern China.
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Britain VC firms could lose a major source of funds after Brexit
Brexit might jeopardise British venture capitalists’ access to a European fund which funnels billions into the industry. The European Investment Fund (EIF) put on hold its contributions to several  VC firms, including Seedcamp, Dawn Capital, Hoxton Ventures and Episode 1 Ventures.
Machine-learning music startuMogees raises £850k in seed
London-based Mogees, the startup behind a smart microphone that uses machine learning to transform any vibration into music, has raised £850,000 in Seed from a group of investors including former Iglo Group CEO Elio Leoni Sceti, and Hotels4U founder Haim Perry.
IoT startup ThingTrax raises £250k in seed round
ThingTrax, a London-based Internet of Things startup, raised £250,000 in a Seed round led by Technology Venture Capital Investments and backed by AI Seed Fund and FOMCAP. Its product helps manufacturers “reduce unplanned downtime, increase operational efficiency, and track machines and operators in factories.”.
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Video of the week
The Future of Go Summit, Match One: Ke Jie & AlphaGo
Watch AlphaGo and the world's number one Go player, Ke Jie, explore the mysteries of the game together in the first of three classic 1:1 matches
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