Facebook's Virtual butler game, DeepMind funds NHS, Tape is back
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This week, it was revealed that Alphabet-owned DeepMind is funding NHS research, Tim Cook talked about Apple’s plan for AI, and IBM created a new, super-dense tape cartridge to store data.
Facebook was also in the news with an acquisition signalling its willingness to step into the fray of Virtual Personal Assistants. 
With Google, Amazon, and —more recently— Apple all deploying voice-powered devices, Facebook’s attempt to transform its Messenger platform into a sort of text-based Alexa (dubbed “M”) had not seemed to make much progress. Till this week, when Facebook bought Palo Alto-based startup Ozlo— a company self-describing itself as “an intelligent assistant for iOS and the web.” Ozlo’s technology might give Facebook’s AI assistant programme the boost it needs to catch up with the other players in the field.
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Alphabet-owned DeepMind is funding NHS research
Alphabet-owned Artificial Intelligence lab DeepMind is bankrolling NHS research, Business Insider has revealed. The London-based company has provided Moorfields Eye Hospital’s trust with £110,000 in funding since July 2016— when the two organisations kick-started a partnership in order to test DeepMind’s technology to diagnose eye diseases.
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Apple's AI plans go beyond driverless cars
Apple has offered further hints about its plans for Artificial Intelligence, and in particular for autonomous systems.  “Autonomous systems can be used in a variety of ways,” Cook explained during a call with investors on Tuesday. “A vehicle is only one, but there are many different areas of it. ” Autonomous systems could indeed be used in a vast array of applications, from house robots, to autonomous drones, factory automata, or buggies for groceries delivery.
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IBM has stuffed 330 terabyte of data into a small cartridge
Researchers at computing giant IBM have managed to store 330 terabytes of uncompressed data on a chewing-gum-packet-sized drive. Through a partnership with Sony, IBM has achieved the world record of 201 gigabits per square inch on “sputtered magnetic tape” — 20 times the density found in commercial tape drives.
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