Baidu’s driverless tech court battle, AI Go Tournament
Hello, we hope you enjoyed your break! We are back with our newsletter, covering the latest about data science and AI in London and beyond. Over the last few days, the world’s Go champion (defeated by AlphaGo in 2017) announced new AI matches, and UK machine intelligence startup ProFinda raised £4.8 million.
Also, Chinese tech giant Baidu sued a former executive for allegedly stealing trade secrets about driverless technology, and using them to launch a rival venture.

Beijing-based Baidu— a major AI player, often compared to Google—launched the RMB 50 million (£5.6 million) lawsuit against its former senior vice-president Wang Jin, who recently founded driverless vehicle startup JingChi.

It is easy to construe this as the Far Eastern version of a similar court battle raging in the US, where Alphabet’s Waymo has accused Uber of finagling trade secrets on self-driving cars. (Verdict is still pending.)
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World’s Go champion to take on AIs in China tournament
Ke Jie, the Go champion who pledged never to challenge an Artificial Intelligence again after being trounced by DeepMind’s AlphaGo, is going to play against a machine once more.

Ke will take on a number of Go-playing AIs in April 2018, during the World AI Go Tournament in China.
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AI company ProFinda raises £4.8M round
London-based AI startup ProFinda secured £4.8 million from investors including Notion Capital and Nextlaw Ventures. The startup uses machine intelligence to analyse companies’ workforce and highlight each employee’s skills, connections, and behaviours.
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2017 in Retrospect: UK Investment in AI and Data Science
Let’s take stock of 2017, and try to work out how much investment Britain’s data science and Artificial Intelligence companies attracted over the last twelve months.
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