Meet Onfido, a robot is now a Saudi Arabia citizen
This week, London-based startup Genus AI raised  £750,000 in Seed, while an android was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia.
Also, SHACK15 News caught up with Husayn Kassai, CEO of Onfido. Onfido is using machine learning to solve the problem of identity verification online. Its computer vision algorithm— initially designed to spot wildlife in the jungle— can compare a person’s selfie to their photo ID and confirm their identity. Quite a leg-up for people in countries that lack financial infrastructures, and who have no way to prove their identity in order to access online services.
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A robot called Sophia was granted Saudi citizenship
Hanson Robotics’ Sophia— an AI-powered talking android — was granted Saudi citizenship during the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh. The stunt was welcomed with irony online: many pointed out how Saudi Arabia was readier to confer rights to a chatty AI than to women living under its rule.
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London-based Genus AI raises £750k in Seed round
London-based Artificial Intelligence startup Genus AI has raised £750,000 in a Seed round led by early-stage investment fund Picus Capital. The company is combining machine learning with neuroscience, psychology, and behavioural science, with the aim of creating more emotionally intelligent AI.
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Draper Esprit buys Seedcamp Funds for £17.9M
VC firm Draper Esprit has purchased seed investor Seedcamp’s Funds I and II in a £17.9 million deal. As a result of the deal, Draper Esprit— which previously invested in UK companies such as LoveFilm and Graphcore— has now acquired a stake in FinTech unicorn TransferWise.
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Trying to look cool at cocktails?

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Founder Interview: Pete Trainor - Nexus AI

We caught up with Pete Trainor, author of the Hippo book, and founder of AI companies SU and US Ai. Predictably, we ended up chatting mainly about Artificial Intelligence. 
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