22 committed climateers showed up ready for action at our mtg this month! Dive in to learn details and see what we're up to!
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Action Teams! Making plans for LTEs this month (above). Brainstorming interactive ideas for Johnson Creek Salmon Festival on Oct 2 (right)
Planning for 4 presentations in the next 3 months (upper middle). Planning viewing parties for 'The Burden', Sept 26 and 27th (above). 

What Was Our Meeting Like This Month?

The quick and dirty is here:

Here is what we accomplished and are working on in our Action Team breakouts this month. Viewing parties, LTEs, tabling event on OCt 2, and presentations! All in line with the national grand plan and ours in response so we can pass legislation NEXT yeAR! 

Mark your calendar: 
Mon., Sept 26, 7pm Viewing Party in Bethany for The Burden at Gary's. 
Tues., Sept 27, 7pm Viewing Party downtown for The Burden at Marion's.
Space is limited, but you are welcome to bring a friend! 
 RSVP to reserve your spot. Details & RSVP on Community.
Check out the trailer here
Oct. 2, Johnson Creek Salmon Festival, come support us at our table, or just stop in and say hi!
Oct. 8, 9:30-12pm, Next monthly mtg and National Conference call, all are welcome!

For more of a play by play and call details, keep on readin'...

Introductions: We got to meet new people and learn about the highlights of our respective summers!

We had 22 people in attendance, with a Special welcome to first-time mtg attendees, Deborah, Jane and Rich. Glad to have you back, Chelsea, Judy, and Kevin, and ALWAYS great to see the rest of you. You inspire us with your continued commitment!


-Rep. Bonamici joins Bipartisan Climate Caucus with Nevada Representative
According to her Bonamici Bulletin, "Pursuing Bipartisan Solutions to Climate Change 
The consequences of climate change are already visible across Northwest Oregon: the ocean is becoming more acidic and we are experiencing record-breaking high temperatures month after month. Our outdoor recreation industry is an example of how the changing climate is changing Oregon businesses. For example, I visited a snowboard shop in Beaverton that now sells more skateboards than snowboards because of the rising temperatures. This week, I'm joining the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus with Republican Representative Mark Amodei of Nevada to explore meaningful policies to address our changing climate. I'm encouraged that so many of my colleagues are putting aside differences and working together to solve this serious global challenge."

-Planning for Regional Conference in Seattle/Bellevue is underway, the Leadership team is meeting regularly and actively looking for people to work on securing a venue, March 4-5. Anyone interested in joining planning, or if you have connections to venue options, please let Tamara know. 

National Call – Bob Inglis
Listen to or download the call from our podcasting channel or iTunes.
Blog post about Bob's piece on the call is here.

Former Congressman Bob Inglis: As we gear up to introduce and pass legislation, this is good time to look at the nuts and bolts of the legislative process, and who better to guide us than former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis. Inglis, who introduced his own carbon tax bill in 2009, left Congress in 2011 and founded RepublicEn, which is working to build support among conservatives for a market-based solution to climate change.

Key Questions and Quotes:

“It is bedrock conservatism to say that we really want accountability in the market place. If you bring accountability into play, in the form a price signal, great things start to happen.”

How important is it to involve MoCs, not just members of  key committees such Ways and Means?

  • “Our climate champions are not on that committee. If we can’t find a champion on that committee, we’ll find someone else with passion. Its all about passion.”
  • “Timing is important …... for individual MoCs to get behind legislation. and we have to be prepared. When the time becomes right on the national scene, it comes together.”

When legislation gets introduced, traditional (paid) lobbyists will get involved. What do you recommend for how we dealing with those lobbyists?

  • “Market cap of coal companies in the US has dropped 95% since 2006. The coal industry is a shadow of itself. They will be opposed to any legislation.”
  • “For example Peter Bryn of Houston, a former Exxon-Mobile employee, can speak the language of oil industries.”
  • “We can’t get discouraged by the opposition when their self-interest is driving them.”’

Assuming we got our proposal introduced in both House & Senate; two bills must be reconciled. How do we approach that process? Stand firm or compromise?

  • “You prepare for the long haul.  It’s a long, long journey to work through the committees and get to the floor. Example, a recent energy efficiency bill was widely enthused but took years to get where it is, and may die if it isn'tapproved before January. It takes patience and passion. “

How much focus should we (CCL) have on the Committee process?”

  • “People often say that Congress doesn’t listen to us. Actually Congress listens intently to us. Congress will act when they sense people want it. Leadership + consensus + a crisis brings action.  CCL’s results-oriented DNA helps MoCs move. I wish it didn’t require a crisis but that’s the way it often is.”

Bob suspects that a large-scale tax reform bill which has a carbon tax attached is the most likely vehicle.
  • “The typical mode of operations of an environmental group is something that drives American apart. They approach MoCs in a way that says if you don’t go our way, we’ll hate you and destroy you. CCL’s way is so different and so helpful.”

Can you talk about a carbon fee or tax is superior to cap & trade?

  • “2 parts to that: a federal part and a state part. It is clearly superior at the federal level, but we do support states who act on their own. But you don’t get a border adjustment that way; you don’t get the country involved that way; you don’t get the whole world involved that way. Once you get billions involved you get an energy revolution. When I was in Congress I thought C&T was hopelessly complicated. I voted against it in Congress. Here’s where I need some grace from environmental groups, who said ‘hey, we proposed C&T specifically to address market concerns of conservatives’, and then you stiffed us’. And there is some truth to that. “
  • “There are 7 billion point sources of carbon emissions, far, far more than the limited amount of acid rain. CF&D is the only way to address this, not C&T.”

“CCL is doing fabulous work. I hope you continue to engage with MoCs in this positive way, and show other pressure groups how the right kind of pressure is to be applied: to bring people together.”

“Go listen to the JFK Rice U. speech in September 1962 for a great speech that shows how to bring people together.”


Updates from the Field:

  • California state legislature voted to urge Congress to pass CF&D, AJR 43. !!! This is huge. Great job CCL Santa Barbara, among other CCLers in California!

  • We're so close to having a Canadian federal price on carbon...

  • Mark urges LTEs to not point fingers at the bad guys!

  • Coastal Roadshow: East Coast CCL Groups are doing 82 meetings in ~80 days around the east to spread the word
  • Southern Energy Freedom Tour is also in the works!
  • November “Congressional Education Day” is officially open

    • We share with them what we have learned with MoCs around the country
      Previously, MoC concerns were China – then, the dividend. We address all of their concerns
      Will be inviting MoCs for a briefing on household impact study.
      As a liaison, keep your eye out for an email coming soon requesting that you make an appt for November



Wanna be in action along with us? Check out current opportunities on the national website here.
New to CCL? Wanna learn more? Click here

We hope to see you soon, and THANK YOU for your commitment to mitigating climate change and passing Carbon Fee & Dividend in 2017!

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