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IDTechEx 2016 was like no other…

IDTechEx 2016 has come to an end, but we are so excited to share with you some of the highlights from the show.
The IDTechEx shows are known for showcasing new innovations in everything from printed electronics to electric vehicles to wearables, with all aspects of the supply chain represented from components to consumer-ready items. This year was no exception.
Some insights from the show:
Wearable and stretchable electronics made a big splash this year. And with the wearables market expected to be worth $34 billion by 2020, it’s no surprise. Wearables and smart clothing, especially those targeted at the fitness industry, were incredibly popular. Smart clothing allows us to learn even more about our bodies in real time, giving athletes an edge or new moms peace of mind with their sleeping newborns.
And of course, our own market of printed electronics, has shown great progress since last year’s IDTechEx. 3D surface printing, including printing cell phone antennas directly onto the case, are driving in full speed ahead. Progress in conductive inks, including our own Sicrys™ portfolio of inks, has led to growth in 3D conductive printing. With these strides, the only limitation we will have in the near future is our own imagination.
From the hundreds of visitors to the booth, we received great reaction to our inks. We presented samples of silver full inkjet printed circuit boards, two sided printed circuit boards, as well as a copper silver PCB. The response to our latest product, Sicrys™ IC50TM-8 copper ink, was outstanding. We have worked hard to develop solutions for our customers and are pleased to be able to present a copper ink that is a true rival to silver inks in stability, shelf life, capability and cost. Customers were very excited to learn more about the one-third cost reduction that can be achieved with this new ink. Stay tuned to see which shows we will be attending in 2017.

Industry News
Quoted in Printed Electronics World, Rahgu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, said that this year’s show was attended by over three thousand attendees from 45 countries around the globe, an incredible turnout that included over 200 exhibitors.
The Queensland University of Technology recently announced the proposed development of the Herston Biofabrication Institute, the first co-located biofabrication space in a high-level hospital, enabling the institute to construct custom tissues as needed within a hospital. detailed the announcement, which shows what the future of healthcare may look like. One day, patients may be able to have new organs printed uniquely for their bodies, as they wait in the next room for the transplant. There is no limit to what could be achieved with this technology.
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