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What Makes Sicrys™ Inks So Great?

As the school year begins anew in many parts of the world, we focus this month’s newsletter on a riddle in applied science: the challenge of perfecting conductive inks. What really makes a high quality conductive ink for mass production?
There are three requirements for a truly exemplary conductive ink. First, conductive inks for mass production must have a long shelf life. Unfortunately, many conductive inks today do not last long on the shelf. This is especially true for copper and copper ink oxidizes especially fast, making it difficult to commercialize.
Second, conductive inks must be able to sustain high throughput, 24/7 printing. Inks must have high metal content, which allows them to support constant jetting. Today, manufacturers are hard pressed to find an ink that can support constant, high throughput production.
Third, conductive inks must be affordable. No matter how high quality the ink, an appealing price point is the most important quality if conductive inks are to be viable for mass production.
There is a solution to these barriers: SicrysTM inks lead the industry in all three of the areas above, with a long shelf life (up to one year), high metal content to support high throughput printing and an appealing price for manufacturers. Rigorous testing of our inks leaves no doubt – SicrysTM inks stand out as the ideal conductive ink for mass production.

A Big Deal for
3D Printing
GE, a manufacturing titan, made a major move into 3D printing this month with its recent acquisition of Arcam AB and SLM Solutions Group. Both companies provide different functions for metal-based 3D printing, with applications in healthcare, aerospace and beyond. This is a major deal in an exciting frontier industry: 3D printing for mass production. We can’t wait to see conductive inks become a part of mainstream manufacturing as these technologies develop!
Getting Ready for IDTechEx USA
November is coming up soon, and we are excited to show off our portfolio of SicrysTM Conductive inks at IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA! PV Nano Cell will be displaying samples of our innovative silver and copper inks in booth F26 on November 16 and 17 in Santa Clara, California. Last year PV Nano Cell was honored with an IDTechEx Award for “Best Development in Materials for 3D Printing.” We can’t wait to see what this year’s conference has in store.
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