Annoor Academy of Bentonville's February Newsletter.
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February Newsletter

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb Dear Parents and Donors, February is almost over and only 3 months of school is left. Time just seems to go faster and faster. On that note, let me say this, soak up these days with your kiddos. I know some days are exhausting and frustrating but they will be over before you know it.

Upcoming events

Feb 27th to March 3rd- Dr Suess week
Feb 27th to March 3rd- Re-enrollments
March 10th – Quarter 3 ends
March 11th – Open House at the new location (210 Airport Rd)
March 13th- 17th – Parent teacher conferences
Mar 20th to 24th- Spring break
April 4th & 5th- IOWA tests
May 5th – Spelling bee

Academics update:

We will begin Quarter 3 Interim Assessments this week for Elementary and continue them through the following week. So, make sure your kiddos get ample amount of sleep and get good breakfast in the morning. IOWA test preparation is in full swing. The actual test is in April, but requires a good bit of training. Kids in the elementary rooms are also preparing to participate in Spelling bee, scheduled in the month of May. Goal is to memorize 5 new words everyday till the end of April. InshaAllah team Annoor will be well prepared!!!

This month we also started ‘Theme of the week program’ in our Pre-K room. And since spring is in the air, we are going to explore leaves, plants, grass, bugs and all things spring in our Pre-K room. Focus of the lesson plan will be to balance the activities with Language Arts, Math, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Imaginative/Pretend play and all aspects of early childhood development for a more rounded personality.  

Islamic studies update:

Alhumdullilah we have finished Meccan period  in the seerah of Prophet (SAW) , kids are very excited to learn about the Medinah period. Kids are also learning about the Battle of Badr, Companions of Prophet, Family Tree, Dates and Events in detail. 

We also covered the story of Prophet Nooh with the kids. They finished memorizing Surah Fatiha, Ikhlas,  Falaq, Naas, Lahab with word by word meaning and short tafseer. They are getting better with Salah each day. We are also doing a countdown to Ramadan and each day we memorize one name of Allah swt. So far we have memorized 10 names of Allah. Sunahs of waking up, going to bed, clothing, eating, bathroom, travelling, exiting house are memorized and put into practice. We have also been working on the Ikhlaq of a good Muslim with them.

Books for the Dr. Suess Week

Extras:  This month we partnered with the Bentonville Lions Club and conducted Vision Screening. The screening will be done every year at the same time. The partnership with NWACC helped us get a volunteer Science Teacher for 1st and 2nd grade. Annoor Academy has also been invited by Walmart to present and talk about our school at a lunch and learn.

Location update: I am very happy to inform you that we have found our new location for the school. The address is 210 Airport Rd. We have successfully completed the inspection with Fire and DHS department. We are just waiting on final approval from Planning and Zoning department.

Teacher's Corner - Ms. Maria

Assalamualaikum families! I am very excited to tell you that kids at Annoor are learning a lot. It's amazing to see curious minds at work every day and learning new things. All elementary students have learned addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. All the Elementary kids including Kindergartners are finishing 100 facts in 10 mins. This is an excellent accomplishment – to complete an assignment in a prescribed amount of time correctly. This will help them in later grades. We are doing math puzzles which will help them learn – how numbers can work in different ways. This in turn will help increase their IQ. This also enables them to think outside the box. At Annoor Academy we are always trying to bring out the best in every child.

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