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Summer has arrived full on!  It feels as though the last 5 months have been a bit of a blur, yet somehow clear around the edges simultaneously.   As life returns to a new stage of normal, it brings with it a new stage of reflection.  

Here is what the time spent with the pandemic has, and continues to teach, or in many cases, remind me.  

Nothing in life is stagnant.  Everything is energy and energy is in constant movement and motion.  This includes our thoughts, emotions, circumstances and global happenings.  Change is also an energy.  This was a big one for us on a global level.  Micro changes are hard.  Macro, global changes can sometimes be overwhelming.  We often long for familiarity and comfort in knowing that things are the way they are and we are certain in that comfort.  This change has knocked us clear out of our comfort zone like a baseball player hitting a home run.   So what now?  We adapt, shift change our thinking, heart math or we stay stuck in the discomfort. 

We create our new normal and we create our new Joy.  I have been finding deeper meaning in my day to day happenings.  Small joys create big shifts.  Being in my little urban garden..watching the birds splash in my fountain.  I see them all in different ways.  Like many people I also experience stressors of this new normal.  And the things and connections in my life that have changed, ended or expanded.   All, if not most things are transmuted in time...and right now, transmutation is at a peek.   For some of you, this is challenging.  For many of you, I see and feel you stepping into a new way of feeling, doing and experiencing life.  I support you and see your Light!  

During this new normal, Spirit has shifted my focus and my vibe.  I have been very strongly guided to bring my ability to support and guide people going through their own transformation, to the forefront, and step more into coaching.  The coaching will be specific to your spiritual journey of awakening.  Your ability to vibe high and raise your own personal frequency.  Tuning into and getting support and direction around those energetic markers that 'wake you' up.  I have also been guided to do more study regarding  the psychology of the Chakra system and it's role in your Spiritual development. 

On my own personal journey of awakening, I have been doing some psychic development work, connecting more consciously with Angelic energy and shifting what feels more in alignment with my Soul work.   As a result, I pass on the hustle of what I do, full on in faith that the people who see me, who need my services and guidance will find me.  There are some things I will leave behind as I am narrowing my focus!  Less is more.  Keeping things simple and practical,  even more enticing. 

I will continue to teach Reiki as that is my passion but my teachings will look and feel different.  As Light and Soul Workers there are aspects to the healing work we do that I find is sometimes not discussed or examined.  My goal is to add to that in the best way I can.

So we surrender to the non stagnation.  We adapt.  We flow. We change our flow if needed.  We have good days.  We have challenging days.  We are grateful.  We are here.  Continue to honour each day, each feeling, each moment where you are at.  Each moment brings a new moment to change perspectives. 

For all of my followers old and new, I love and appreciate your faith in me!  It means so much always, but especially at this time.

Sending you health, healing and peace. 

Blessings & Gratitude 


Continuing Your Spiritual Journey 


I have been working on some workshops for you to be able to continue your personal spiritual exploration.  I recently finished up the 'Embracing the Rainbow:  Chakra Discovery Workshop'  The response and sharing for this workshop was more than I anticipated!!  What set this workshop apart from others, was how the detailed information about the program was geared to self exploration at a deeper level.  It provided insights and information that assists you in connecting to your own energetic charge, where trauma lives, where your strengths and need for balance are.  Included are guided meditations and a full Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation, a detailed, carefully planned PDF booklet and a Journal section.  Still in the works, but this course will be for purchase on my website in the near future.  

Check out my website page to see what people are saying about it!  I highly recommend that those who are on the Reiki intuitive journey, that you consider taking it for your own self reflection, healing and deeper understanding when doing healing with others. 
The Program Dates are below :
The time for each evening is 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Course Investment : $140

Tuesday August 25 : ​ Earth, Root & Sacral Chakra
Tuesday Sept. 1 : ​ Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra
Tuesday Sept. 8 : ​ Throat & Third Eye Chakra
Tuesday Sept. 15 : ​Crown & Soul Star Chakra Includes ​BONUS​ information about Spiritual Awakening

Stay tuned for an Angels, Archetype  & Totem Animal Workshop that looks at the governing angelic energies, archetypes and Spirit animals that connect, support and guide that energy centre!  A fun little workshop with a totem animal Oracle Card for you.  

Are you an Empath or Sensitive Soul?  Do you tune into the world in a different way?  Join me for an informative workshop exploring what makes you tick!

July 25  6 - 8pm 
Your investment : $ 55

For more information about these workshops, please visit my website page
Stay tuned for other Workshops & Courses coming up in the future! 

Reiki Classes 


I am hosting Reiki Classes & Coaching beginning next weekend!  The current classes are on my website.  I am open to 3 people maximum for the classes.  Accepting one more for Reiki Level One on August 8 & 9.   

Stay tuned for Usui/Holy Fire III Trainings coming in the Fall!

Mindful Moments & Love notes


So often we race around our day, often forgetting to even breathe.  It isn't until we sit down that we often allow ourselves to take a deep cleansing breath.  Or to even breathe.   

Take a few moments now to be mindful of and connect with the beauty and rhythm of your breath.  It is life giving and deserves your attention from time to time. 

Sit or stand comfortably with your weight distributed evenly on both feet.  To feel grounded, sometimes I will gently rock back and forth to find a comfortable place.  Close you eyes if you wish and tune inwards. Start to become aware of your breathing without trying to alter it in anyway.  Notice the flow of air coming into your nostrils or your mouth, making its way down into your lungs.  Feel your lungs expand and then deflate at the air comes back up and out through your nose or mouth.   Allow your breath to act as an anchor for you.  

Take a few moments to repeat repeat this awareness this press a few times. you may notice and realize that some breaths are deeper and some breaths are more shallow.  Don't try to change it in any way just observe it and appreciate it in the moment. Take as much time as possible to do this tuning into your breath.  After awhile you may notice that your breath will flow deep and naturally without any effort.  Become aware of how heavy both your feet feel as you ground deeper with your breath. 

Take as much time as you need to just tune in and notice your breath without judgment.  Without rush.  Slow down.  Notice.  Say thank you. 



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