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Cool Kids and Their Parents Who Budget


For parents in the area, the month of August can be a bittersweet time. While there’s still weeks of glorious summer weather ahead, it’s officially the end of vacation season as you know it. It’s time to put away the luggage and break out the kids’ bookbags and lunchboxes. Yes, school is back in session.

B2B Realty Group knows the laundry list of things parents have to do just to prepare for the first day of school. The kids want to wear their personalities. Teachers want loads of supplies and sanitary needs for your child and what seems like the entire class. Don’t worry, in true B2B fashion, we’re here to help, not pull your hair out. This school year, let your financial budget and goals lead you down the aisles of great savings without compromising your child’s needs inside and outside the classroom.
School Supplies Drive
The beauty of back-to-school season is the selfless hearts of those looking to give back to the community. When you’re a homeowner with a strict budget, every freebie counts. Don’t be shy, take advantage of the nearest back-to-school supplies drive in your neighborhood. You’ll love yourself for it.
For a list of back-to-school drives being held this weekend, visit here
If you can’t get to your local venue for free supplies, don’t worry. Make note of your desired budget for supplies and stick to it. Just like any shopping adventure, the goal is to get the goods in one place at a price your wallet will love. This season, take a few moments to browse the circulars of your favorite back-to-school destinations before hopping in the car running around town. Sometimes the savings is all in the research.
Meal Prep101
Whether you’re feeding a family of two or a family of four, one of the most daunting tasks is answering the never-ending question, “what’s to eat?” It’s time to put those Pinterest pins and Facebook friends to use and save some time and money with meal prepping. Just like saving for a home, meal prepping requires discipline and a plan of action. Get the family involved and watch your stress level decrease. Enlist your child’s help in creating a grocery list for the month. We know they may not get every fruit snack and cookie pack their heart desires, but let them be apart of the decision making process.
Make the trip to your local grocery store or wholesale club and go bulk!  Try new, homemade recipes that suite your family’s taste buds so that no dollar goes wasted. Turn Sunday evenings into Meal Prep 101, giving you enough time to prepare meals for the week while spending time with the family. Don’t forget to stock your cart with tupperware and ziplock bags. They’ll be the go-to supply to passing this class.
Tax Free is the Way to Be
As adults we often cringe at the site of the T-word—taxes. From purchasing a car to your favorite pair of shoes, sales tax can determine if you’re staying within your financial means or will be skipping your favorite late night snack on your “cheat day”. Ditch the taxes as you shop for your child’s “must have” shoes and wardrobe, electronic accessories, etc. Let Georgia’s Sales Tax Holiday brighten your day and lighten your wallet this weekend. For more information, click here.

Meals in Minutes


This month, B2B introduces "Meals in Minutes", the recipe box that will help you enjoy your favorite (or  maybe least favorite) room in the house--the kitchen. We know the importance of cooking a well-balanced meal during a busy week. Don't let the kids', or even your very own, homework duties and extra curricular activities keep you from a homecooked meal. Skip the expensive and long wait in the drive-thru and check out this Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe from SkinnyTaste. Add your favorite side dish or enjoy over a bed of mixed greens and have dinner on the table in 30  minutes. Your wallet will thank you later, we promise.

Monthly Motivation

The Comfort of Home

Have you ever stopped to think about what a "home" really is? Of course the dictionary can define it for us, but it seems so basic to define it as a place where one lives or resides. For some of us it may be where we were born or where our family lives or maybe where we get our favorite meal. But just maybe home is a word we can allow ourselves to define individually. How about home being the place where we feel at ease, or the place that brings us peace or maybe even the place where we can feel free to do the crazy things no one else understands. Here's the key, home gets to be the place we decide, it's our own place of happiness and we have access to it any time we want. So maybe you have a home or maybe you want a new one or maybe you just  need to re-energize the one you have. Wherever home is, it's your choice, as long as it's where you want to be.
From the Blog

Looking to sell your home before summer ends? Check out our latest blog post here for more information on the top five reasons to sell your home this summer.

Event Watch: Back-to-School Style

The end of summer doesn't have to be a drag. While summer camp and days of endless naps are officially over, the fun doesn't have to stop for the child in your house. This month, help your little (or big) loved one get in the spirit of excelling this school year. Click here for a list of back-to-school events near you.

Featured Property Listings

B2B Realty Group has been working hard this summer for you, our prospective home buyers & seller's! We are pleased to announce, to date, we have closed on all homes in the Thornwood Park community in Atlanta. The homes of Thornwood Park were developed by Excel Capital Construction. To check out the newly sold out division and other featured and forthcoming properties from ECC, visit their site here.

Are you a builder interested in doing business with B2B Realty Group? Contact us now.

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Marquetta Bryant

B2B Realty knows owning a home takes work, finances, knowledge and support. That's why we want to hear from you! Every month, our team of experts will answer your questions with advice you can trust. Have a question, ask us here.

Q: I recently decided that I want to become a homeowner. I have a great job and I believe I have good credit. What are some ways I can  raise my credit score?

MB: A few of my clients had/have credit issues like most of America. The one thing I tell them is to look at your credit  report. Some them simply did not have credit. Check out this tip from Tiffany owner of the Budgetnista. Click here to learn how to make your credit score JUMP like Jordan. 
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