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Productivity Increase After AJ Bicât MEQ Programmes


Over a year of questionnaire data has shown that on average over 30% of participants who take our Core MEQ* Programme report improvements in Productivity (measured as reported health at work and absenteeism), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Sleep & Mindful Behaviour.

The impact of MEQ means less staff turnover, less absenteeism, better work life separation and more productivity

* Corporate L&D imagined and delivered through the prism of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Core MEQ Programme

How to Choose Your Mindfulness Instructor

If you are looking for qualifications always look for the phrase 'qualified MBSR™' or 'certified MBSR™' facilitator.

MBSR™ is the gold standard of mindfulness provision developed by the leading voice in mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn.

"MBSR is considered by many to be the gold standard of mindfulness provision."

Jamie Bristow - Director, The Mindfulness Initiative

More important than this however is an 'embodied' instructor. That simply means they practice what they preach. As an L&D, HR or Wellbeing professional you must ask potentials:

  1. What daily practice do you do?
  2. How long does that take?
  3. What daily practice did you do today and how long did it take?
This may sound like personal information however it will not be considered an invasion of privacy by any serious mindfulness facilitator. This information is vital for you.
Do's and Don't's
  • Don't accept wishy washy answers
  • Don't hire an instructor who practices less than 45 minutes at least five days per week
  • Do follow your gut feeling
You are paying for your facilitator's commitment to a mindful lifestyle, so find out how they live their lives.
MBSR™ Courses

Upcoming Programmes

Mindfulness in a Day

We are running our one day training courses for 
CEOs, executives, directors and managers again.

Find out how we do what we do and how you
can implement MEQ throughout your business.

Implementing MEQ

On Line Programmes

We are running the on line versions of our Core Programme followed by Productivity*, Leadership* & Wellbeing* starting this September.

Find Out More

* Please note that unless you already have a certificate the Core Programme is prerequisite for Productivity, Leadership and Wellbeing.

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