Why MEQ® Isn't A Yoga Class

Common Corporate Misconceptions on mindfulness in the workplace
In the corporate environment a narrative can sometimes develop that mindfulness is 'just' a yoga class.

Leaving aside the obvious underrating of yoga (i.e. 'just') let me perhaps illustrate some of the differences between a yoga class and MEQ® by having a look at what you should expect from a mindfulness L&D programme in your organisation:

MEQ® L&D Programmes are:
  • Up to ten times more expensive than a yoga class
  • A head to toe cradling of someone's moment by moment introspective journey over a period of weeks
  • Small class sizes that facilitate:
    • Greater interaction with the instructor
    • Intimate group sharing
    • A constantly collaborative verbal learning framework
  • Run by facilitators who live genuinely monastic lifestyles and have thousands and thousands of hours of consistent daily personal and yearly silent retreat practice under their belt
  • Able to give you twenty-four seven contact with your instructor
  • Able to give you twenty-four seven contact with your group
  • Self contained life events that have a defined beginning with the Orientation Questionnaire and a defined end with the Closing Questionnaire
  • A way of proving the effects of MEQ® on your life with both individual and group statistics gathered before and after the programme
This is in no way a dis on yoga. Yoga is one of the major MEQ® movement practices. When yoga is taught by a good teacher and when a student practices yoga's union of mind and body without striving or competing, then yoga can be very powerful. Also, any good yoga instructor will be careful to note the progress of his or her clients over time. 

MEQ® allows participants to embrace the opportunity presented in every moment by using their consistent one on one relationship with their own living existence. From the first lesson it introduces a technique that can be practiced without equipment in more or less any setting and accessed in every moment of every day.
MEQ® - Core

Secret Solutions VII

Our secret events encourage participants to put their past or present challenges* in a hat. For the lucky few that get drawn we discuss mindful solutions. Here are two that missed out.

Challenge I of II


“I want to get pregnant"


– Secret Event Participant



Let's assume that this person has formally declared war on the unrelenting societal and familial pressure for all women to make babies and actually wants deeply to be pregnant for herself.
  • The first and most obvious piece of advise is to reduce stress by building a minimum five day per week meditative practice into her morning routine
  • Remember the mindfulness tenet of 'letting go' and 'non-striving'; how do you catch a monkey? You place a banana in a box with a hole just big enough to receive an outstretched hand. The monkey puts his or her hand in the box but cannot remove it whilst holding the banana. Let go and one is far more likely to get what one needs eventually
Many single women in their very late thirties feel a sense of time running out and they start to rush. But if you rush you pay less attention. If you pay less attention you might miss those men who are just right for you.
  • Practice acceptance that you might have two or even just one child instead of a football team
  • Look to Western Medical science as a tool of hope for women claiming their bodies, freeing them from some of the consequences of menopause and feeling good about past (and present) sexual and progenital liberation in equal measure
  • Remember that you are walking around in a genuine miracle of life, so - if you've neglected your physical mechanism over the last decade - do all you can to fall back in love with your body, re-learn what your body actually likes to eat, not what substances release dopamine in your brain
  • Trust that the future will unfold. Pay attention to it as it does. Launch yourself into its challenges with the knowledge that almost nothing makes you more attractive than joie de vivre
MEQ® - Leadership

Challenge II of II


“Worry about the future (i.e. whether I will be where I want to be in life)"


– Secret Event Participant



  • Where exactly do you want to be in the future? Take a decent chunk of time where you will not be disturbed and literally write down what it is you want. Not what you think you can reasonably have, but what you actually want. When you're finished. Speak it out loud to yourself (i.e. firmly utter your intention). Having done this, no matter how the future actually unfolds there can be no doubt that you knew then an there exactly what you wanted, that your intention was to get it and that you started to make choices and efforts to welcome that future
  • The next point is to embrace change. We spend so much time resisting it, yet with every heartbeat your physical and mental being has the ability to embrace the possibilities inherent in change. So called 'life changing moments' mean that what you want yesterday might not be what you want today. There is great adventure in the mechanics and in the products of change
  • Remember the first point above? Well, if you did not write down health and happiness make sure you put those two right at the top of the list. It's quite possible they supersede all other 'wants'. Don't lose sight of that
  • Lastly - and with specific regard to 'dreams' and 'dreamers' (e.g. not quite fantasies and fantasists) - live your life first, dream your dreams second. Live, love, eat, drink, be merry, watch great movies, make love, sing, dance, travel, procreate or whatever it is that makes you healthy and happy. This is living your life and more important than dreaming of something you perceive to be better
MEQ® - Leadership
* All challenges are presented exactly as written.
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