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Secret Solstice

Next Wednesday
Location: TBA
Next week we mark the shortest day and the longest night with our bi-monthly secret event, which we've temporarily renamed:
Secret Solstice

Most of you know the drill but for those who don't...

Amidst the chaos of modern life there exists an event where you can revive and relax amongst like-minded Londoners.

We bring people together around the secret superpower of stillness and glass of wine, cider or beer.

Don't worry if you've never meditated before; there's a talk, creative networking, Secret Solutions and guided practices suitable for all.

RSVP using the link below and this Sunday the secret location will be revealed.

Secret Solutions III

During our secret events we ask participants to put their past or present challenges in a hat. For the lucky few that get drawn we discuss mindful solutions. Here are two that missed out.

Problem 1 of 2

“Worry about responding to an aggressive email"


– Secret Event Participant



  • Looking at the question strictly we see it pertains to the 'worry' itself. Remember that in the world of mindfulness suffering is often described as our response to a stressful event. To put it another way, it is not necessarily the event that is the problem, but the way we churn it around and around in our head. How serious is this thing I'm worrying about? How serious is it really? Will the sky fall if/when you respond in a calm and courteous manner? How much of this churning is actually coming from you?
  • Now looking at the whole problem in its entirety. Tone is a notoriously difficult thing to communicate in emails. It is also a notoriously easy thing to misinterpret. A phone call or face to face meeting will clear up any doubts regarding tone in an instant. If this isn't possible imagine that the email was sent in the best possible light with the best possible intention. Imagine that the person sending it is completely unaware of either coming across as or being seen as aggressive
  • If - however - an email is without doubt aggressive and is intended as being aggressive then it is certainly time to communicate your perception to the sender being very careful to use the word 'I' and not the word 'you'

Problem 2 of 2

“What's the point of doing my job when pointless decisions are made?"


– Secret Event Participant



  • Change is one of the three core aspects of an organisation. Embracing change in all its forms is one of the greatest challenges, especially when you believe (mistakenly or not) that there is only one way: your way. So how to start embracing 'change'? First you need to determine two goals: 1) Where do you want to be in five years time? 2) Where do you want the company to be in five years time? Regardless of the method, the pitfalls, the steps backward (perceived or real), the ultimate method lies in finding the common ground between these two goals. And regarding embracing change (including embracing other people's changes to your hard work); as long as you have said your piece and explained yourself to the fullest extent, you can relax because you did all you could and said all you could say. Change is inevitable. All things must pass. Embrace impermanence. You visit it every day
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