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Some interesting points on sleep
A sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes long.

The first part known as shallow sleep is when you are easily awakened. The second part is known as deep or slow wave sleep. The third and final part is the one we've all heard of before called REM for Rapid Eye Movement. Dreams happen here. These three parts repeat all through the night. This is why you'll find you often sleep for six, seven-and-a-half and nine hours.

Nine hours is what you need if you're a teenager. 

The afternoon nap is good at 30 minutes. Shallow sleep transfers short term memories to long term memories, allows for some cell repair and general body rest.

If you decide to go for it and have a long afternoon nap, try to go all the way through to 90 minutes. You might risk encroaching on your nighttime sleep, but you'll find it infinitely preferable to waking up during deep sleep or the early and mid stages of REM; which is literally like being blind drunk and not especially good for you either.
MEQ® - Wellbeing

Secret Solutions VI

Our secret events encourage participants to put their past or present challenges* in a hat. For the lucky few that get drawn we discuss mindful solutions. Here are two that missed out.

Challenge I of II


“Depend on something or someone for something important, then they mess it up."


– Secret Event Participant



This is such a common theme in the workplace. Those of you who remember your training with us will remember that it is often not the event but the way you respond that is key.
  • First of all focus on your direct experience. How much of this is being manufactured and repeated as part of your stress reaction cycle? Is this the end of the universe, the world, society or is it something less important than this? Your own ability to manufacture suffering based on the stressful event can be boundless, so initially keep your awareness on your own immediate process
  • Once this is accomplished there may be important and time sensitive elements you need to address. This will be much easier in a calm and grounded state of mind
  • Now, what are he lessons inherent in this particular moment? We all know the only way to find out if you can trust someone or something is to trust them or it entirely and completely
  • And more subtly, can this thing or this person be helped in such a way that the same thing does not happen again?
MEQ® - Leadership

Challenge II of II




– Secret Event Participant



Again a massively poignant theme in the office.
  • Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. Are you filling your day with too many chores? Are you trapped in a cycle of debt and rent slavery? Are you obsessed with learning to the extent that you feel being idle (or perhaps even meditating) is a waste of time? Bear in mind how you mind works. Remember that moment when you can't remember where you've put something. What happens when you stop thinking about it? What happens when you 'sleep on it'. Without sufficient time off you will not learn or solve anything. Exercise your mind by clearing it
  • One of our students infamously described the effect that meditation had on their life as, "Making time." They literally seemed to have more time after committing to daily practice than before. This could be for many reasons. One is that they were more efficient with their time as a direct result of 'decluttering' their conscious mind
  • Finally and with regard to the first point about debt slavery. Life coaches often say that only about 20% of what you do at work actually makes you money. Is there a chance you can re-imagine your money earning potential? Is it time to move somewhere that makes the same quality of latte and yet has about half the rent?
MEQ® - Productivity
* All challenges are presented exactly as written.
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