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We asked Mohammed Fawaz, the CEO of Global Tutor a few questions on his success story, Here is what he had to say

  • What do you think it is to be entrepreneur?
The most general perception of being an entrepreneur is starting his or her own business, but little do people fail to realize that it takes a lot more to be a successful entrepreneur who is a risk-taker, innovator and an individual willing to carve his or her own path in a world that doesn't always go easy on people who choose to travel on a road less travelled.

An entrepreneur is someone who seeks to profitably solve a problem that the world has,To me entrepreneurship is all about looking at the bigger picture to ensure whatever that is being done leads to whatever we are trying to achieve and embracing challenges whether or not that means getting something in return at that moment. After all it is experience that impacts your future decisions and opportunities.
  • A specific quote or way you follow with carrying out your business.
When it comes to carrying out a business, it requires a lot of experience and looking at the future perspective of each and every action carried out.And I would say that it is all about the thirst for achievement. Having an innovative conceptis not all about it, it’s the thirst that drives you to stand out from everything else and take risks to achieve the final goal.
  • What was the reason for you to start Global Tutor?
As a Sri Lankan myself, having been through the struggles of obtaining quality education, and realizing how many children out there miss out on this quality education due to cost and equipment constraints which affected the literacy rate of the economy I had the urge to do something to come up with a solution.
I decided to contribute to the well-being of the society, by taking education to a new notch, blending it with technology; to provide the students with quality education at an affordable cost, breaking constraints and Globalize Education and thus emerged Global tutor a live online tutoring institute based in Sri Lanka operating globally. Learn from home through a virtual classroom with experienced tutors.
  • According to you what challenges must be faced by a local entrepreneur?
As per my experience I guess the biggest challenge faced by a local entrepreneur would be to understand and influence the behavior of the local market. No matter what the brand is, if it Is not feasible in the domestic market, it has very low chances of success in markets outside the domestic market, and for it be made feasible in the domestic market the brand should be able to identify, understand, cater to and influence the behavior of the local market.
Apart from that startup capital, hiring skillful employees and delegating work to them should be given equal priorities to ensure a smooth run.
  • What has been the main reason for global tutor to become what it is today?
As mentioned previously our main aim is to globalize education and this was made feasible by the innovative technology that includes a virtual classroom and a learning management system, and the recruited employee panel and the Subject Matter Panels who contributed to the contents of Global Tutor.
In these two years of operation, Global tutor has been through quite a lot of hardship yet managed to create opportunities out of each of the downfalls. After all Experience is the best teacher.



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Y-Club is a network for young entrepreneurs to share ideas and learn from each other.Y-Club meetings are held ever first Wednesday of the month.

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Date: Wednesday, September 6th 
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Location: Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, 50 Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2

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Youth Business Sri Lanka is proud to partner with Founder Institute Sri Lanka in launching "Globalizing Silicon Valley",which is a tech start up programme carried out by Founder Institute Sri Lanka

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