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Chemsafety's June Newsletter

Welcome to the Chemsafety's June Newsletter. In this edition;
An update from our Managing Director
Winter is certainly here and with that comes a new set of seasonal health hazards. Make sure you keep your team safe and healthy throughout the year by reviewing your hazards as the seasons change. Often we see heaters in factories which introduce carbon monoxide as a by-product from LPG, or diesel burners, and of course where there is increased rain (and frost) there is water ingress and mould. Chemsafety is here to help you assess and measure these hazards so you can put controls in place. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay safe and healthy.

Bridgette Jennings
Managing Director
Chemsafety History

Chemsafety was established in 1992 by
Dr Michael Gray when the Health and Safety in Employment Act came in, and at around the same time a ‘user pays’ policy responsibility for workplace safety was privatised. This provided Michael the opportunity to continue assisting the industry with chemical safety requirements. In 1992 there were few, if any, independent commercial scientific companies, therefore, when Chemsafety was founded it was necessary to develop a market, to gain market share in an existing market. Chemsafety is an independent provider of occupational hygiene, hazardous substance management, analytical and environmental services. 

The philosophy of Chemsafety has always been to take graduates with science degrees and give them the opportunity to build a career.  The Chemsafety team reached 20 last year, with Consultants who have come to us straight from University, have worked through both external courses and internal competencies, and are now recognised experts in their fields.

Read more about Michael here

It's been great to see initiatives like the #ShopLocal come out of the COVID19 lockdown.  People are becoming more aware of their purchasing behavior and ensuring their spending stays in New Zealand or their local region.

Chemsafety is a locally own business, Michael Gray formed the business in 1992.  In 2015 & 2016 he brought in key employees, Bridgette Jennings, Janet Connochie & Paul Robertson as Directors and Shareholders to ensure the company had a tight succession plan when he retired.

Our company has always supported local businesses like our own and we purchase our products from New Zealand companies wherever we can.  If one of our customers make the product we need, even better!

Search #shoplocal for more information
The Chemsafety team stayed busy during lockdown.  Some of us continued to work for essential services, some took the time to do something productive, like Josh who made a surf board, while others used the time to spend time with the kids, bake and catch up on the books we've always wanted to read. 

Have a look at our collection of lockdown photos by clicking on the photo above.
Get to know our Founding Director

Michael Gray is our Founding Director at Chemsafety.  Although still actively involved in the business, these days Michael can be found thinking about strategic direction while fishing on the lakes around New Zealand, or pondering the companies cashflow while working in his garden.  

We asked Michael about why he started the company in 1992, what are his biggest achievements and what he's most proud of.

What was your first job, and what technology did you use?

My first job was at the Department of Social Welfare office in Christchurch. This involved 24-hour datalogging temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels throughout the building. Combined with bacteria and fungi monitoring and air flow measurements I was able to provide a report on the indoor air quality for the building.

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We need your feedback

We've been thinking ... 
What if instead of one big invoice for your hazardous substance certification, occupational hygiene monitoring, fit testing and asbestos management plans, you could spread that cost throughout the year AND have our Consultants on call for advice during the year also.

We’d love your opinion on whether a new service would be beneficial to your business.  This service would include the following for a set monthly fee.
  • A dedicated Consultant - including unlimited phone calls
  • Initial and annual health & safety review
  • Regular scheduled catch ups with a Senior Consultant
  • A set number of service hours per month
  • Document reviews, including safety data sheets, procedures, etc
  • Optional extras including respirator fit testing, toolbox talks presented by one of our Consultants, occupational hygiene assessment for a selected task.
If this sounds like something that would work for your business let us know by emailing
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