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    Chemsafety August 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to Chemsafety's August Newsletter.  In this edition;
New Zealand is back in Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown for what we hope is a short and effective time. During this period Chemsafety staff will be working from home and available for virtual meetings. Under Level 4 Chemsafety is also available for essential work if needed, please get in touch if you have any questions.
An Update from our Managing Director
Lockdown has affected us all again and we at Chemsafety have taken the time to get on top of paperwork, reporting, and complete our first ever live panel discussion on Zoom. The panel discussion was on welding fume control and it was great answering all of your questions. We will have another one of these next week so stand by your inboxes and if you have any topics you want covered let me know.
It was disappointing that the HASANZ conference has been postponed as I was looking forward to the seminars and catching up with lots of you. Our amazing giveaway of the coolest Chemistry set ever will have to wait. I await the postponement date announcement.
In the meantime, we can help you all out with reviewing your COVID-19 control plans and completing respirator fit testing. A big thanks to my team members who have completed work for essential services over this time. Stay safe and healthy.


Location Compliance Certification - Avoiding Non-Compliances

On the 18th August our Hazardous Substances Team Leader Sara Aldridge, presented the webinar - Location Compliance Certification - Avoiding Common Non-Compliances. 

If you missed it there is a link below to our YouTube page with a recording of the webinar.

LCC Webinar recording

Controlling Welding Fume Panel Discussion

On the 24th August we featured an online panel discussion presented by Bridgette Jennings and Paul Robertson on controlling welding fume exposure.  This was our first online panel discussion but it won't be our last.

If you missed the discussion there is a link below to our YouTube page with a recording of the webinar.

Welding Fume Panel Discussion recording

Asbestos Management Plans

Did you know that the risk of exposure to asbestos needs to be managed in commercial properties? The workplace PCBU must make sure that any asbestos in the workplace is identified and an Asbestos Management Plan is in place to show how it will be managed. This Management Plan needs to be readily accessible to workers and contractors and be reviewed every five years.

If you would like to know more please contact our team for more information or a proposal.

More information on our website


On 22 September our Senior Asbestos Consultant Tony Bird will be hosting a webinar on the Different Types of Asbestos Surveys.

In this free webinar he will outline the different types of Asbestos Surveys and which one is right for your property, including why demolition surveys require a property to be vacant at the time of the site visit.

Register Here


Asbestos Identification Test - Types of fibres that can be reported

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients when receiving their asbestos identification test results is; what does the presence of “Organic Fibre” or “Synthetic Mineral Fibres” mean? 

Our Lab Manager, Livia Fioravanti, has put together this short article to explain what the fibres are and whether those materials represent a health risk such as asbestos. 

Read more

Have you been to our YouTube page?

Did you know that Chemsafety has a YouTube page with all of our previous webinars and Q&A sessions?

It is a perfect opportunity for you or your staff to do some online learning while in lockdown.

Chemsafety YouTube

Hazardous Substances Calculator

Do you know what hazardous substances you have on your site. Have you tried the online Hazardous Substances Calculator to create an inventory?

As part WorkSafe’s online Hazardous Substances Toolbox, the Hazardous Substances Calculator can help you create an inventory and work out what key requirements you need to meet, based on the hazardous substances you use, handle, manufacture and store at your workplace.

The information you enter is private and no one else has access (including WorkSafe). The information entered in the calculator can be downloaded in several different formats and is easily updated. If you want more information on how to use the calculator or what it does have a look at

Hazardous Substances Calculator

Hazardous Substances Training Checklist

Do you know what your training records need to say?

Chemsafety have developed this handy checklist to help you ensure that everything is covered when it comes to hazardous substances training

Click here to download the checklist

Our Consultants are here to make your life easier so click on the link below to discuss your hazardous substances with our team.

Hazardous Substances

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