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We've heard them all before!
For the many businesses who have got involved in Work for Good (to name just a few, thank you to: Kaihoko Ltd, Shape History, north south studio, RiverRhee Consulting, and Extechnology), there are still those who have told us how much they love the idea and want to get started but...*insert lame reason as to why they can't right now*.
As much as we appreciate feedback, this weeks newsletter seeks to show that excuses are just that and won't hold up to scrutiny!
"I don't believe it will make much difference to my business"
There is a wealth of research to show that giving to charity absolutely is good for business. Some articles on this subject can be found here and here and we'll be covering this in more detail over the coming weeks.
"I don't have money to spare"
Although we understand that running a business is incredibly tough, the great thing about Work for Good is that you can donate in ways that work for you. You can give as much or as little as you want, as often as you can. If that's £50 a year - wonderful!
And donations to charity are tax
"My business isn't big or stable enough"
Whether your business is made up of just you, a team of five or a department of thirty, you are eligible to take part in Work for Good.
In fact, we believe Work for Good will help you to differentiate yourself from other similar businesses and help you grow. 
"I don't have time to set up my profile"
This one is easy, we can do it for you! We'll add in images, a business description and contact details which we can obtain from your website, social media or good old Google. Once done, we'll let you know so you can make any tweaks (or, you guessed it, we can make those for you). Email Anna, who is happy to help.
"I don't have time to think up a Work for Good project"
Read how other businesses 'do' Work for Good here and here. We are committed to supporting every business who wants to do Work for Good and are more than happy to help you brainstorm ways in which you can incorporate charitable giving in to your business practices. Contact us to find out more.
"I don't understand how Work for Good works"
We're hosting a free 'All you need to know' web chat on Tuesday 25th October at 12.30pm. We'll take you through the Work for Good platform in a quick and easy to follow way and answer your questions live. All the details can be found here.
So, have we convinced you that it's time to take action?
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