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LeNSin project wish for a
Sustainable New Year with latest news from the project activities and the launch of 2 new regional network, LeNS_Colombia and LeNS_Argentina!


Last two International LeNSin Seminars implemented in China and India

The last 2 International LeNSin Seminars have been successfully carried out in China and India, completing the round of 5 that were scheduled around the world. Invitees were local Universities, institutions, companies and NGOs presenting and discussing the state of the art, future trends and needs on Design for Sustainability in research, practice and education with a special focus on Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS) applied to Distributed Economies (DE).
You can now view all video presentations and download as free, open and copyleft all the slideshows of all seminars at under SEMINARS/COURSES page.

To read more about the seminars experience, please go ahead. 


New LeNS_labs settled in Beijing, Hunan and Bangalore

After Brazil, South Africa and Mexico, three LeNS Labs are now open in Beijing (Tsinghua University), Hunan (Hunan University) and Bangalore (Srishti University) and will soon be open in Guwahati (Indian Institute of Technology). Now students, researchers and teachers have a space with equipment, tools and learning materials to facilitate teaching, research and learning practices in Design for Sustainability.

See here the complete list of LeNS Labs worldwide

The round of worldwide Pilot courses is starting soon

The first round of 5 pilot courses on Design for Sustainability, with a focus on Sustainable Product-Service System and Distributed Economies have been scheduled and are under preparation, to be hold in HEIs of Brazil, Mexico, India, China and South Africa. The courses are dedicated to local students (UG – PG), teachers and researchers. After the courses, as it is in the aim and the ethos of the LeNS network, all learning resources (videos of the lectures of all courses, the tools used, the case studies, the project developed by the students, etc.) will be available for free, open and copyleft. Stay tuned!

See here the complete list of pilot courses


Welcome to LeNS Colombia and LeNS Argentina

The worldwide LeNS network wants to inform, with a great pleasure and interest, that LeNS Colombia has been launched in November with 10 Universities involved and LeNS Argentina has been launched in December with 6 Universities involved.

The warmest welcome to all new partners!

For LeNS_Colombia please contact Mariana Buraglia Osorio
For LeNS_Argentina please contact Edurne Battista


The Forth LeNSin Seminar on Sustainable Product-Service System and Distributed Design and Manufacturing in China

The forth International Seminar on S.PSS and Distributed Economies took place on the 21th and 22nd of October at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The participants of this seminar included attendees from China LeNSin partners as well as LeNSin teams from Politecnico di Milano and Technische Universiteit Delft; students of Tsinghua University, Hunan University and other LeNSin partners; and some Chinese companies interested in the LeNSin Project.

21th October: Knowledge of S.PSS, case studies and business

More than 150 people attended the seminar, 12 keynote speech with various topics around distributed economy, especially on DRE and DM. In the academic part, Carlo Vezzoli, Professor of Politecnico di Milano, J.C.Deihl & Wouter, Professor of Technische Universiteit Delft, Liu Xin, Asso. Professor of Tsinghua University, Zhang Jun, Professor of Hunan University, shared the theories and tools of S.PSS. The participation of Chinese companies to the seminar was a success. Zhang Ju, Vice President of Hanergy Global Solar Energy has expressed their interest in applying PSS into their solar panels. Huang Longbin, the CEO of Duch Group introduce their 3D technology and apply in many areas. Ms. Gao Hui, the project officer who from WWF, share their work and the current situation and the vision of distributed energy.

For more keynote and seminar info, please visit the

22nd October: Projects of LeNSin Partners, LeNSin case studies and design of the pilot course

On the second day, the LeNSin teams from China continued to present their projects related to Distributed Economies and PSS, getting feedback from each other and discussing on the outcomes and potentials of those projects.
The seminar has drawn extensive attention from the design circles. Though distributed economies and S.PSS are not well known to the public, the attendees have had an in-depth understanding through the early documents, speeches and discussions. They expressed a huge interest in it. The participation of distributed energy and manufacturing enterprises has imposed significantly positive influence on the follow-up development of pilot courses. While enterprise representatives, experts and audiences had a thorough interaction; a basic understanding has been realized on the objectives and tasks of the LeNSin project. Hanergy (solar energy), Duch Group (3D printing manufacturer) and 5th Space (urban resources recycling enterprise) all expressed the wish to participate in pilot courses. Teachers and students of Tsinghua University and other (design and non-design) universities participating in the seminar are also positive about the pilot courses. Therefore, the seminar has laid an important and significant foundation for the development of pilot courses.

The Fifth and Final LeNSin Seminar on Sustainable Product-Service System and Distributed Design and Manufacturing in India

The final International Seminar on S.PSS and Distributed Economies took place on the 10th and 11th of November in Bangalore, India. During the event local academics and students from two universities joined the seminar activities in order to provide input to the design of the didactic curricular Pilot Courses relevant to Indian context.

10th November: Getting familiar with issues and opportunities of Sustainability in India

The first day of the seminar started with the series of keynote speeches dedicated to Sustainability, Well-being and Healthcare in India. The seminar guests were greeted by LeNSin project coordinator Prof Carlo Vezzoli and Founder Director of Srishti Institute of Art Design & Technology Geetha Narayanan who delivered inspiring speeches about global and local sustainability challenges. Presentations and case studies in the areas of livelihood, heath care and inclusiveness were also brought by rural development expert Neelam Chhiber and researcher from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology Naveen Bagalkot.
During the second part of the day seminar participants were invited to take part in one of four workshop sessions where they developed ideas regarding Sustainability and Wellbeing, Education, Manufacturing and Livelihood in India.

11th November: Building pedagogic frameworks in Sustainability, Distributed Design and Manufacturing

The second day of the seminar started with the case study presentations from Devika Krishnan about crafts and design in India and Mr RS Hiremath who presented product innovations developed for low income economies. Speeches were followed by the panel discussion joined by academics, industry experts and students in order to suggest potential improvements for existing educational system.
The second part of the day invited seminar participants to get actively involved in development of pedagogic framework taking into account Communities, HEIs, Industry and Entrepreneurship in India. Findings from the intensive five-hour session will be used designing didactic curricular Pilot Courses which will be implemented at the beginning of next year.

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