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September 2016  |  Trainee Enewsletter
Welcome to the second edition of the Trainee e-news for 2016. The e-news is developed by the combined efforts of your Trainee Committee and aims to keep you informed of the activities of the Trainee Committee and general affairs of the College. If you have any content ideas or feedback please don't hesitate to contact your local trainee representative or John Greist at the College.

Chair of the Trainee Committee

As of July 2016, Sarah Yong was appointed as the new Chair of the Trainee Committee. Sarah takes over from Rob Bevan after she was voted on to the College Board. Rob was a significant contributor to the Committee’s success over the last three years and his enthusiasm will be missed. The College is still lucky enough to have Rob on the Board as he was also voted on and has been appointed the Chair of Education. The Committee would like to extend a big thank you to Rob for his contribution.
Here is a brief introduction from Sarah Yong…
I am an intensivist at Alfred Hospital, and an active member of the ICU community. My passions include medical education, trainee support and promoting collegiality within our specialty. I was the Victorian trainee representative in 2015 and am pleased to be once again working with CICM trainees closely.
I am a keen advocate for female intensivists and convene the Women in Intensive Care Medicine Network (WIN), which aims to address the gender balance in our specialty through research and networking activities.
Recognising the need for greater first part examination resources, I developed and co-convened the Victorian Primary Exam Course for CICM (VPECC) in 2015. I also teach at numerous courses and engage in knowledge translation via free open access medical education websites and social media.
I am a strong advocate for education and networking opportunities for the wider ICU community. I co-convened the ANZICS/ACCCN Critical Care Collaborative, an inter-professional continuing education day and assist with the Intensive Care Network – Victoria.
Finally, when I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my baby girl, Alice.

Trainee Symposium

The College is excited to announce the inaugural Trainee Symposium will take place the day prior to the Sydney ASM in 2017. The symposium is an initiative of the Trainee Committee and is designed to provide you with an educational forum that will assist with your professional development.
For this reason, we would like to encourage you to be involved in selecting the content for the program. Below is a link to a survey designed to collect the ideas and thoughts of the trainee body to help develop a relevant and engaging program. The survey is only one page and will only take a few minutes to complete. Trainees who take part in the survey will go into the draw for one complimentary registration to the symposium.
The symposium has been scheduled for Thursday 25th May and will run parallel with the widely successful ICU update. Further details of the program, guest speakers and registration costs will be made available as soon as possible.
The survey will be open until the end of September so click here to participate.

ACT Trainee Committee Representative: Lewis McLean

I am the new ACT Trainee representative for the College and I am very appreciative of this opportunity!
I graduated from University of Newcastle medical school in 2006 and I have been with the College since 2012. I was initially a General Surgical trainee, but evolved to become a Dual Trainee with CICM and ACEM, having done the ED Primary. I am now solely a CICM trainee. I completed the Fellowship exam in May 2016, and am now finishing off my non-ICU time and project. I came to medicine after six years in the full time Australian Army. I completed much of my training in Newcastle, moving to Canberra as a Senior Registrar. I have worked in many varied locations including NT and SA, much of Regional NSW, and Tasmania. I have also volunteered overseas in a humanitarian aid capacity.
I have a family of three children and a long suffering wife, the most recent child being born two weeks before the Fellowship clinical exam! My professional interests include ultrasound and echo, education, and trauma.
The ACT is a superb place for CICM training, and I am pleased to be able to represent it.

NZ Trainee Committee Representative
Kaushik Nilakant

I am the new Trainee Committee representative from New Zealand. I'm an advanced trainee with dual training in Intensive Care medicine (CICM) and Emergency Medicine (ACEM). My pet interests in medicine lie in simulation, toxicology and the development/use of technology in medicine.
I am currently working in Auckland City Hospital's Adult Emergency Department, having completed my training thus far within Auckland's 5 public hospitals. Outside of work, I can be found on the football field, or behind my electronic drum set, which I designed and built.
I am looking forward to representing the interests of NZ trainees, and improving their educational experience. 

Trainee Survey - September 2016

The last trainee survey for 2016 was sent out on Monday 1st September. This is your chance to comment on your last training position and help the College evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching units and assist in the hospital accreditation process. If you have recently completed an accredited training position (or deferred intensive care training) you would have an email containing a link to the survey, the College would appreciate your feedback on this training period.
If you any further questions about the survey or your recent rotation, please contact the Administration Officer - Trainee and Censor Support, Ms Caitlin Gheller at or
phone +61 3 9514 2888.

Online Learning Resources Audit
Dr Florian Pracher

In the last edition of the e-news we advertised that Florian Pracher was conducting an audit. This is to assess when and how trainees use online learning resources with a view to further establish the role of these new learning resources amongst traditional educationalists. Florian would like to extend a big thank you to all the trainees who have participated in the survey so far. There is still time to complete the survey as it will remain open until Monday 12 September.
Click here for more information.


Article written by Michael Ashbolt, ACT Trainee Representative

Are you looking for a research project for your Intensive Care Fellowship?
The ANZICS Practice and Economics Committee (PRICE) wishes to conduct a detailed survey and review of ‘burnout and workload stress’ amongst Intensivists. This is an important work-life balance issue and this review would be likely fulfil the requirements for the Formal Project within CICM training guidelines (pending Panel approval).
Senior ANZICS Intensivists will provide guidance and supervision and it may be suitable for presentation at the ANZICS ASM. Expression of Interest with CV can be sent by email to, with the subject “PRICE Survey” by the 30 of September.

Flexible Training Options 

Article written by Sandra Lussier, VIC Trainee Representative
A number of options exist for trainees who wish to pursue other academic or clinical interests throughout the course of their training, or who require leave for family, personal or other reasons.
Trainees are encouraged to contact the College early with regards to these matters so that interruptions to training time may potentially be minimised. Furthermore, trainees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Guide to CICM training. Comprehensive information may also be found in the current regulations (click here for Pre-2014), particularly in section 5.
It is worth familiarising yourself with these regulations so that you don’t encounter any surprises towards the end of your training! Note that requirements differ slightly for pre-2014 and new curriculum trainees so if in doubt… ask!
In summary, the training options for both adult and paediatric trainees can include:
  • Overseas training
  • Interrupted training
  • Research
  • Deferred and dual training
  • Part time training
To read the full overview of the options listed above click here

New College Resources

The College curriculum for the general Fellowship in intensive care medicine includes mandated exposure to acute paediatrics. The College has recently finalised the Paediatric Exposure Guidelines that have been uploaded to the website.

CICM Events

Make note of these dates in your diary!
ICU Update 25 May
ASM 26 – 28 May 

2017 ASM is returning to the single organ theme.

‘Gastroenterology in the ICU: From beginning to End’.
An exceptional line-up of international and national speakers will update us on the latest evidence, theories and practice, involving the GI system and its evolving importance in critically ill patients. Along with the traditional session set-up, there will be rapid-fire topic and guideline challenging sessions to stir up debate and discussion.

Communications Course

26 October 2016 | Sydney 
This course is designed to provide CICM trainees with the skills required to communicate effectively with patients and families in the ICU setting. The program includes planning and conducting family meetings, verbal skills, breaking bad and catastrophic news and also includes interactive role plays with professional actors. 

2016 ICU Update and ASM Presentations

Presentations from the 2016 ICU Update and ASM are now available to view on the member’s portal. To access the member's portal you will need your username and password. Once you have logged in, click on Education, and then click on Resources.

Please note: Not all presentations are made available for viewing.

Positions Vacant 

To advertise a position in future enewsletters, or on our website, please complete this form. Email all forms or queries to our Communications Department

View the full list of Positions Vacant on our website,

Courses and Events

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