This newsletter has updates on some of the projects that have been undertaken recently, Eddie and Karen's visit to Burkina Faso and fundraising initiatives. There is much for which to give praise!
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  Spring 2017 Newsletter 

Dear Mark

It hardly seems like three months since the last newsletter. There has been a lot happening at Myra's Wells and some significant decisions have been taken. There are many links in this newsletter - most of them will take you to a news item on our website and will give more detail. Please take time to click on them! There are also a number of photographs - if they do not display, you may find an option in your email client to show them.
Updates on wells that have been drilled.
The well at Laado Peul - well number 75 on our list.
The well at Laado Peul was drilled in November last year. At 87 metres deep, this is one of the deeper ones we have drilled. It ensures a good supply of clean water. We now have a photo showing that it is being well used.

You can see the enclosure that has been built around the pump. This will ensure that the livestock is kept away from the pump to help prevent disease. The pump is being operated by one of the children who have gathered there. Most of them look to have arrived on bikes - probably not one of the bikes that have been sent in containers as this is a village 100km from Ouagadougou. There is a separate drinking trough for the livestock at the side.

It is easy to see what a difference this well will make when you see the dryness of the countryside around.
This picture shows our evangelist friend Keith Smith with some of the local people at Laado after the well had been blessed. Keith sent us an email to say, "My visit to Laado Peul the other day was excellent - the village is thrilled about having the well, and the location is ideal, very accessible for four villages. I had a great opportunity to share the gospel with the imam and several others, and we prayed together for the pump, the village."
The well at Silmiougou - well number 78 on our list.
Here is a well which was drilled at Silmiougou, also last November. Notice the bright yellow or green containers waiting to be filled. Just imagine having to carry all those containers perhaps 3km there and back to another source of water previously!
This is in the daytime. But if you follow this link, you will see that it carries on well into the dusk of the evening.
The well at Komki - well number 72 on our list.
The well at Komki was drilled in January 2016 - one of the wells that have been sponsored in memory of a loved one. One year on, Eddie and Karen were able to visit this well and see the effect it has had on the villagers at Komki.
Before the well was provided, there were open wells which dried up after three or four months. The vegetable growing had to stop. But now, it can continue year round. Not only are the gardeners fed, but there is a big surplus that supplies the surrounding area as well. Read a fuller account in this extract from Karen's diary. (See below)
What about well number 82?
The wells list now contains 81 wells. You can see the whole list on the web site by clicking on this link. The last one was drilled in January this year.

We were hoping to have been able to bring news of number 82 in this newsletter. But we are still waiting for a suitable opportunity and site for this well. Unfortunately, not all drilling is successful. Despite good surveying beforehand, sometimes, a borehole fails to find water. We are grateful to the Lord that this has happened very few times. But it has happened once or twice recently.

To mitigate against this, Christine always has Plan B arrangements. The contracts with the drilling company allow for up to three attempts to locate a good supply of water. In addition, if water is found at the first attempt, she can often persuade the drilling company to carry the unused attempts forward to other sites. And that is what is happening with well number 82. There have been 'negative' boreholes. But we still have 'stored up' reserve attempts to use and we still hope to have a positive result soon.
22nd March 2017 is World Water Day
The main focus of World Water Day 2017 seems to be recycling water as much as possible. Our focus is on providing water in the first place. Here are three fundraising initiatives for Myra's Wells for your interest and prayers ..
London Marathon runner.
Allow us to introduce Lee Smalley. We are very grateful to Lee who is taking part in the London Marathon on 23rd April to raise money for Myra's Wells. He has set himself a target of £5000 to pay for a whole well. He is getting very close to that target! Maybe you could help him? Click here for his JustGiving page. And you can read a little more about this here in our news item.
Sonja's CD is ready.
Sonja Warr (one of our trustees and former professional singer), Trevor Burch and Peter Emberley have been working hard to bring this CD together. After a number of setbacks, it is now ready and available for a minimum donation of £10 plus £2.25 UK P&P. We are very pleased with the results. This time, the hymns are older ones mainly taken from an old book called Believers' Hymn Book which is still used in the 'Breaking of Bread' meeting at some Gospel Halls. They focus on the Lord Jesus - hence the title "Show me my Saviour". This is also the title of one of the hymns. You can listen to a sample hymn on YouTube using this link. There is more detailed information, including the titles of the hymns included, on this link. We would like to thank Dave Thomas (recording and mixing) and Nigel Birch (artwork and printing) for their patience with the numerous changes we asked for; also Sonja's husband Trevor who has helped with photography and the YouTube track.
The CD can also be purchased from Ritchie Christian Media or Keith Jones book shop.
How to give for absolutely nothing - Yes, really nothing.
It sounds too good to be true. But it is true. Anyone who shops online can sign up for this. It is arranged by an organisation called Give As You Live. They have agreements with several thousand major retailers who will donate a percentage of each online sale to a charity that you can nominate. You pay exactly the same price. But the retailer donates the money out of their 'charity budget'. Amazon, supermarkets, clothes/fashion, travel and holidays - there are retailers in all sectors who have signed up.

Somebody I know(!) has just found home insurance using Give As You Live and saved over £500 - and it resulted in a donation of £13.30 to Myra's Wells. Somebody else switched energy supplier giving a projected saving of £300 and a donation of £16 to Myra's wells.

We have produced a guide to how to sign up to use Give As You Live to donate to Myra's Wells. Click on this link to see how to set it up.
Other matters
Drilling Rig.
In the newsletter sent out in September, we mentioned that the trustees were prayerfully considering the possibility of buying a drilling rig. In fact, this has been a matter of prayer and discussion for about two years.

We have now taken the decision not to proceed with this. So we will continue to work as we have done and we are actively looking for more sites to place wells in the next two or three months.
Karen's Diary.
Karen doesn't always accompany Eddie on the visits to Burkina Faso. But when she does, she makes copious notes as she goes along and is able to then produce a detailed diary of the places they have visited and the people that they have met. It make for very interesting reading. This year's diary is nearly ready. It is about 70 pages of A5. If you would like a copy please just ask! We would suggest a donation of £3 towards more wells.
We are very grateful to anyone who takes part in fundraising activities. This really does help us so much. If you would like to help us in this way, please let us know so that we can share the details with all our supporters. We will also be able to send you a small leaflet which we are preparing - 'Guidelines for Fundraisers' - as there are some legal regulations and other considerations which you will need to bear in mind for any publicity you use.
And finally ..
Thank you so much for your continued support. We are constantly amazed at the way the Lord has blessed this work.

We are always available to come to church/society groups to talk about the work. If you would like more information about anything in this letter - or any other aspect of Myra's Wells, please contact me using

Please forward this newsletter to family and friends who may be interested and encourage them to sign-up to receive their own copies each quarter by using this link.

We continue to guarantee that 100% of donations will be used for well projects with nothing being taken out for expenses or administration. All these are paid by trustees personally. This includes all the cost associated with the production of Sonja's CD and travel to/from Burkina Faso.
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