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The American Hospital Association continues to push back on the new price transparency rules. 

In its Initial Policy Priorities letter to president-elect Biden’s administration, the AHA requested that Biden specifically “[r]escind provider requirements to publicly disclose negotiated rates that do nothing to help patients understand their costs, could result in anticompetitive actions on the part of health plans, and according to the Federal Trade Commission, could result in high costs for patients.” The Association also filed a letter with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) urging HHS “to exercise enforcement discretion with respect to the hospital price transparency rule,” citing strain on hospitals due to COVID-19 along with gaps in federal guidance as reasons. It is unclear at this time whether the Association will appeal the Court of Appeals decision to the United States Supreme Court.

In the opinion of Hospital Pricing Specialists LLC, the price transparency train in healthcare will be hard to stop, especially with younger generations accustomed to using the internet to price shop.  One very important rule clarification that is likely to emerge will be related to the price estimator tools.  At present, many estimator tools require the user to already be a member of the insurance plan in order to get an estimate.  This allowance is a direct contradiction to price transparency that enables consumers to compare plans and switch during open enrollment to more cost effective plans.  To ensure the sustainability of the ACA, the Biden Administration will likely embrace an "open source" approach to patient cost estimator tools.

Take a look at our EZCOST "open source" patient cost estimator that will comply with the likely rule clarifications.

See who else concurs with EZCOST being the most appropriate tool for patient cost estimates...


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