July 19, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

In the Proposed Rule just filed today and scheduled to be published on 8/4/21, CMS is proposing a significant increase in the penalty for non-compliance with the price transparency rules.

At present, the penalty is $300/day for non-compliance of the price transparency rules. This amount applies to all hospitals, regardless of their bed size.

The new penalty would vary depending on a hospital's bed size, with a bed count of 30 or fewer paying a penalty of $10/bed/day.  For hospitals greater than 30 beds, the daily penalty can range as high as $5,500 per day.  Therefore, the minimum total penalty amount would be $109,500 per hospital, and the maximum total penalty amount would be $2,007,500 per hospital.

If your hospital or hospital client needs help with price transparency compliance, HPS is here to help.  Feel free to schedule a time to talk on my private calendar:   

We can help you become fully compliant in a short amount of time, and done in such a way that won't break your budget.


Rick Louie
Managing Director
Hospital Pricing Specialists LLC

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