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As reported by the San Jose Mercury News, Stanford Health on Monday, 4/27/20, imposed 20 percent pay cuts and across-the-board furloughs for roughly 14,000 health care workers, including administrators and doctors.

The system made the decision to cut pay and hours after sustaining a sharp drop in revenue as a result of a 40% decrease in emergency room visits and similar declines in elective surgeries and noncoronavirus-related medical services.

In order to help providers, such as Stanford Health, address this liquidity crisis, HPS has temporarily eliminated all set-up fees related to its Payer Profitability Analysis™. The PPA™ interfaces with a hospital's HIT system to produce C-suite reports that identify which service lines are profitable, based on specific payers.

Feel free to email me if you would like a custom proposal to integrate our Payer Profitability Analysis™.  Advisory firms also benefit from the PPA™ by focusing their consulting efforts on right-sizing clinical service groups according to profitability metrics. 

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