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January 31, 2023

Another state is taking enforcement of price transparency into its own hands after not being satisfied with CMS enforcement.

New Hampshire’s bill, HB 389, proposes
 legislation and creates consumer protections for patients who receive services at non-compliant hospitals.

The bill states that “A patient or patient guarantor is not responsible for the cost of items or services provided to the patient by the hospital if the hospital was not in material compliance with hospital price transparency laws on a date on or after the effective date of this section that items or services were purchased on or provided to the patient.”

The bill was heard in committee last week (January 26) and was opposed by the New Hampshire Hospital Association.


Recently, we've been contacted by hospitals using another vendor who received a letter from CMS saying they're not in compliance.

CMS specifically states in their letter, "payer-specific negotiated charges, it is not clearly associated with the name of the third-party payer". 

If you have received this letter, contact me to fix this issue before you are fined and publicly listed for being non-compliant.  Here is my calendar link to book a free consultation:

Best Regards,

Rick Louie, Managing Director

Standing Offer:  If you're a C-Level hospital executive, HPS will provide a free market pricing report of up to 12 comparators.  Just ask.

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