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January 2017
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Upcoming events in the MetroWest area:

SERF College Fair
Saturday March 18 12-4pm at Lincoln-Sudbury High School

Metrowest College and Career Fair
Saturday April 1 9am-noon at Ashland High School

College admissions and recruiting for student-athletes
Panel including college admissions and athletic representatives
Saturday March 18 @ 1pm at the Lincoln-Sudbury SERF College Fair

College Admissions for the Student-Athlete
Myths, realities and practical steps
Wednesday March 22 @ 7pm at Lincoln-Sudbury High School
Todd is the presenter. Register through LS Adult Ed

Admissions Corner
What a College's "Official" Acceptance Rate May be Hiding From You
Acceptance rates differ, sometimes significantly, between early and regular decision pools. You need to dig deeper into the data than just a published overall admit rate to really understand the percentages. 

Tips for Students Deferred from Early Decision
A deferral is not a no. Here's what you can do to help your cause. Hang in there!  

Breaking Down The Admission Team
Georgia Tech Admissions blog
From the admissions office: admissions reps are people too ;-)

UCLA is the first school to receive 100,000 freshman applications
Washington Post
It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when the crowd can fill the Rose Bowl
Why is State U recruiting so many out-of-state students?
The Huffington Post
Follow the money…

The College Experience
Applying to College in Canada, Pros and Cons
It was always worth considering, and now it's getting a lot more attention
Students Who Get Better Career Guidance Remember College More Fondly
Career services are playing a more important role in the lives of college undergraduates. Check out what is offered when researching or visiting a school. Here's why:
College graduates who reported "very helpful" campus career-services experiences were 5.8 times more likely to say their university prepared them for life after college, 3.4 times more likely to recommend their school and 2.6 times more likely to donate to their alma mater.
Why so many college students decide to transfer
Washington Post
Academics, culture, distance, money, playing time... Do your homework when choosing a college, and don't panic at the first sign of challenge. If you give it time and a change really makes sense, many schools welcome transfer students.
Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60
New York Times
Includes an interesting metric called college “mobility rates”, which finds that lower-income students end up earning almost as much on average as affluent students who attend the same college.

To predict a student’s future success, look at their grades, not their IQ or SAT score
The best predictor of success in college is performance in high school, measured by grades and rigor. This is not new, other studies and observations from colleges share the same conclusion. It makes sense that what a student achieves over four years is more relevant than what they do for three hours on a Saturday morning. More than 900 colleges are now test-optional. So why do many other colleges still rely on ACT and SAT scores? Because the calculation of GPA varies so widely across high schools, a standardized means of assessing applicants provides additional data.

Athletic Recruiting
Another recruit says his scholarship offer was pulled right before Signing Day
SB Nation
Verbal commitments are not actual commitments. Either side -- student-athlete or college coach -- can change their mind. Until you sign a NLI or have an admissions offer in writing, it's all just talk.
Ivy League Spurs National Conversation Regarding Student-Athlete Time Demands, Early Recruiting
Ivy League Sports
Scroll towards the end of this release: The Ivy League has begun to elevate the national conversation surrounding another student-athlete welfare issue—early recruiting. In September 2016, The Ivy League announced a series of proposals aimed at curbing early recruiting in intercollegiate athletics, which will be voted on during the Division I Council legislative session this April.

College Athletics: Know Your Options
USA Today
Some basics on D-I, II and III
Parents: Empower your Athlete to Talk to College Coaches
A coach reminds that it’s the student-athlete being recruited, not the parent

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