NEWSLETTER #3 /// WEEK OF 3/28/16
This week, we feature an interview with the formidable Alyse Lamb, lead singer and guitarist for Parlor Walls and EULA. But first, our showlist...

(photo by Matei Gheorghiu)

Here's a list of recommended shows for the coming week...

Monday, March 28
  •  Blackbird Blackbird + Chad Valley @ Palisades /// MORE
  •  Lisa Liu @ LIC Bar /// MORE

Tuesday, March 29
  •  Lee Ranaldo (solo/acoustic) @ Trans-Pecos /// MORE

Wednesday, March 30
  •  Robot Princess @ Cake Shop /// MORE

Thursday, March 31
  •  Fraidycat @ Legion /// MORE
  •  Lucius @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg /// MORE

Friday, April 1
  • Paper Garden Records presents Chelsea Nights @ Chelsea Market /// MORE 
  • Celestial Shore + Monogold + The Teen Age @ Rough Trade /// MORE
  •  Del Caesar @ Union Pool /// MORE
  •  Flying Pace + Two Seconds To Midnight @ Arlene's Grocery /// MORE
  •  Parlor Walls + WALL @ The Silent Barn /// MORE

Saturday, April 2
  • Fraidycat + My Teenage Stride @ Torus Porta /// MORE 
  • The Sheila Divine @ Rough Trade /// MORE
  •  Tijuana Panthers @ Alphaville /// MORE

Sunday, April 3
  •  I'm Turning Into @ Palisades /// MORE
  •  Mixed Doubles @ Pete's Candy Store /// MORE


(Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk)
Alyse Lamb came to the New York/Brooklyn music scene from Connecticut, with her band EULA sometime about 7 or 8 years ago. EULA's profile grew over the years and the group changed in various ways. For her part, Alyse's activities in the local scene continue to expand, particularly via 1) Parlor Walls, the other group she co-founded in the last couple of years, and 2) Famous Swords, a self-described collective of "artists working together towards shared aims" through which she's been known to curate shows.

I spoke with Alyse earlier this week...

SANYC: So, I first met you through EULA, but it seems like Parlor Walls is your more active project at the moment. Is that a conscious move and can we expect to hear anything more from EULA anytime soon?

Alyse: I try to flow with life's weaving current… for a while I was on a path writing and performing in EULA. I met Chris and Kate and our energies collided into forming Parlor Walls. This is my path at this time. EULA will always be there, too. It's just a different route.

SANYC: With the overlap in players (you and Kate) involved in the two projects, there are bound to be similarities, but I think there is clearly a unique tone to Parlor Walls as compared to EULA and I've been trying to put my finger on it. Both seem built on very strong rhythmic foundations, but to me, where EULA would go for the staccato and punchy, Parlor Walls seems more about filling in spaces than creating them. Do you think that's fair to say?

Alyse: Yes, very fair to say. I am and always will be a very rhythmic player, but with Parlor Walls I wanted/needed to explore tonal boundaries... to teeter on the edge of unpleasant dissonance. I love to push a harsh sound then let it bleed into a pretty melody.

SANYC: Can you tell us anything about your show at The Silent Barn on Friday 4/1?

Alyse: Friday April 1st, we play the beloved Silent Barn (Brooklyn) with Wimps (Seattle), WALL, and Nonsense. We're recording in May, so we're debuting a few new songs to see how they feel live.

SANYC: Can you name one venue you've yet to play at that you'd like to someday soon?

Alyse: I'd looooove to perform a live score at National Sawdust. And ever since I was a little squirt I wanted to perform one day at Bowery Ballroom... so I gotta do that, too.

SANYC: Can you name one local artist and one touring artist that you haven't played shows with yet, but would like to share a bill with at some point?

Alyse: I saw Ofir Ganon, Shahzad Ismaily, Greg Fox, and Greg Saunier perform as The Noise Quartet at Trans-Pecos last month and I would love to share a bill with them. Touring with New Order would make me a very happy lady.
Listen to Parlor Walls EP, CUT

Give a listen and/or look...

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Flying Pace Performs May 29, 1913
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Tijuana Panthers - BTR Live Studio [ep251]
Watch: Tijuana Panthers
Listen to Blackbird Blackbird
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