Reflecting on 2019

2019 was a great year and turning point for Section W-1S and the Order of the Arrow. 

In February, the Order of the Arrow opened its doors to conduct unit elections in Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships. With the launch of Scouts BSA, the Order welcomed its first female youth into the program. 

All three lodges celebrate anniversaries in 2019. Wauna La-Mon'tay celebrated their 25th Anniversary in March at their annual Rendezvous at Camp Meriwether. Tsisqan Lodge celebrated their 75th Anniversary in March with a three-day event held in Eugene where the National Order of the Arrow Chairman, Mike Hoffman, delivered the keynote address. In November, Lo La'Qam Geela celebrated their 25th anniversary at their Fall Fellowship at Camp McLoughlin. 

In September, after more than two decades, the section conclave returned to Camp Meriwether. 540 Arrowmen gathered for "Conclave by the Sea: Shipwreck at the Cape" in a weekend of fun, training, and fellowship. Over 50 of these Arrowmen were part of a contingent from Nisqually Lodge in Washington. National Vice Chief Eric Harrison and Western Region Chief Antonyo Mithcell were also in attendance. Bo Griffin of Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge and Kevin Padrick of Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge received the Arrow of Honor award for their dedicated service to Section W-1S. Unfortunately, Kevin passed away in June from a plan crash. The section presented the award to his wife. A video and presentation were made during the Saturday night show dedicated to the memory of Kevin Padrick and the service he provided to Scouting and our Order.  

As we face a significant membership decline, the Order of the Arrow held its first even national webinar in October. "Thrive: A National Webinar, A Local Commitment" gathered over 5,000 chapter, lodge, section, and national leaders across the country to commit to stopping this membership decline and making the Order of the Arrow not just survive, but Thrive for years to come. During the webinar, several new programs, initiatives, and resources were announced including resources for unit visitations, Elangomats, Inductions, and more. The entire webinar was focused on how to get lodges to become high performing in the Lodge Performance Measurement Program, which replaced the Journey to Excellence program. It was also announced that the role of the section has been revised so sections will now play a larger role in helping lodges become high performing, including hosting a section ACT Conference. 
Each lodge made goals during the webinar in the areas of unit elections, inductions, and activation. 

2019 was indeed a year of change and growth for our Order. As move into a new year, we look to build on that change and continue to reach new heights as a section. We look forward to what is in store for 2020!

Yours in Brotherhood, 
James, Dirk, and Ryo 
2019-2020 Section W-1S Officers

What's Ahead in 2020

2019 by the Numbers

New Year's Resolutions

We reached out to our section and lodge leaders to find out what their goals for 2020 are. 
"This year my resolution is to make sure to visit each lodge in our section as well as our sister section conclaves, W-1N and W-1E. Each of our lodges embrace a different aspect of our Order and are fundamentally different. I am looking forward to experiencing each lodge's unique events."

— James Verheyden, Section W-1S Chief

"My resolution is to assist my lodge vice chiefs in running the lodge and helping them grow as leaders."

— Daniel Stockton, Lodge Chief, Lola Qam Geela Lodge.

"In 2020, I plan to graduate high school, be accepted to college, and get a job."

— Tycho LeGrue, Membership Vice Chief, Tsisqan Lodge

"My resolution is to increase event attendance by 50%"

— Jonny Morris, Lodge Membership Vice Chief, Lola Qam Geela Lodge.

"Each chapter has a welcome event for candidates before their induction weekend AND an Activation event after the Spring induction season and before conclave. As part of Activation, we will enhance our Elangomat Program challenging each Elangomat to help guide their clan members to Brotherhood."

— Dick Phillps, Lodge Adviser, Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge

"In 2020 I want to find time between high school, college, and OA to work on my Eagle Scout. I got Life Scout around age 14 and I've spent the last 3 years doing things that I enjoy in Scouting. 18 is approaching rapidly and I want to finish the journey I started when I joined pack 313 as a Bobcat."

— Dustin Graves, Lodge Chief, Tsisqan Lodge
"My biggest goal is to have a more structured event format that will better engage new Arrowmen, encouraging future participation."

— Gage Ford, Lodge Activities Vice Chief, Lola Qam Geela Lodge.
"My 2020 resolution is to prioritize better on all projects and assignments in school and in Scouting. Work on understanding what I could be better doing when I have free time."

— Jackson McCullough, Administrative Vice Chief, Tsisqan Lodge
"As your section vice chief, a big goal of mine is working with and ensuring each of our lodges youth leadership is successful and has the necessary tools required to do their job. Through positive interactions and training, I believe our lodges can achieve the high performing lodge mark."

— Dirk Smelser, Section Vice Chief, Section W-1S
"Lo’La Qam Geela just celebrated its first 25-years. We are now turning the page, and starting the next 25-year chapter. I look forward to growing Lo La’Qam Geela's membership, increasing activation rate, sending 20 Lodge members to NOAC, restarting our annual service project, striving to achieve high performing PMP status, and having plenty of fun. Cheers for a great 2020, and a successful next 25 years!"

— Dr. James Verheyden, Lodge Adviser, Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge
"My resolution is to streamline the trading post to ensure that when the time comes for someone else to take this position, the transition period is minimal"

— Thackery Moreland, Treasury Vice Chief, Lola Qam Geela Lodge.
"My goal for 2020 is to see that Tsisqan Lodge becomes a high performing lodge by achieving a 90% Unit Election rate, 90% Induction rate and 50% Activation rate"

— Fred Linton, Lodge Adviser, Tsisqan Lodge
"My resolution is to increase attendance"

— Nikolas Bucann, Lodge Programs Vice Chief, Lola Qam Geela Lodge.
"My goal for 2020 is to guide the youth leaders to help build relationships between the lodge and units, increase activation, grow membership, and help Tsisqan Lodge become high performing."

— Matthew Shumway, Membership Adviser, Tsisqan Lodge.
"My resolution for this next year is to work with my lodge officers to improve the events and programs of our lodge to provide the best experience for our members."

— Trevor Horine, Lodge Chief, Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge
"My goal as section secretary in 2020 is to make sure all the lodges have resources and tools to Thrive in 2020. As we start planning conclave 2020, I am so excited to see what we can do when everyone gets together to create success."

— Ryo Takei, Section Secretary, Section W-1S
The theme for the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference is "Step Up, Step Forward!" 

NOAC 2020 takes place August 3-8, 2020 at Michigan State University

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