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Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem

WCOT Meeting in Munich 9 - 11 December 2016
A large group of 21 enthusiastic sisters and brothers met in Munich.
The following points were on the agenda:
  • A decision for registration software
  • Finances
  • Child care and family program
  • Various
While the first two points were initially dealt with in workgroups by experts, the remaining participants conferred about the situation of tourism programs, Couchsurfing, and internal communication. It took place not only in the lovely Subud House but also in the evening at the Bavarian Christmas Market at the Chinese Tower in the English garden...
The decision for registration software went to the firm of iSOS. In preparation, Rainer and his team acquired two extensively developed internal Subud offers and two from external firms. This also included CVent, the program provider for Puebla 2014. Lucida Garneau offered helpful advice in this respect. Rainer compared all of the factors through thorough analysis in the form of a matrix. In discussion we were able to come to a unanimous decision on this. The entire team was able to understand the system and supported the decision.
The drawing-up of a budget continues to go on and all of the teams are working to present their calculations to Lawrence.
In Munich Renée Santosa presented the SYFA concept, which was based on the multifaceted experiences from the National Congresses in the UK and the zone meetings in Poland. The key factor: arrange the World Congress for families as a lovely mutual experience. Together with SICA, volunteers will be able to run through an exciting program in the Congress grounds and in the vicinity of Freiburg.
Basara Youth Camp in Kalimantan
Also we in WCOT are very upset about the sudden death of George Demers in Rungan Sari at the end of the Basara Camp. We express our condolences to his wife Camille and his children. We are sad together with the youth coordinators who so wonderfully grew into her task with George. His gift counts and we provide full support for them. During the WSC meeting in Salobreña George and Romina could exchange their views about the worldcongress and that counts!

Before her departure we questioned Rusydah Ziesel, who was in the organization team:
  • What are you doing at the Basara Youth Camp, what is your task?
    I take part as a SICA director. All of the Subud Wings wish to make Subud perceptible at this camp. Two questions remain to be answered by the participants: what do I expect for my life? What will I surrender? Each Wing builds a focal point for this, I do it for SICA in the school at Rungan Sari. I also support the organizers on the spot with the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • What do you expect from the camp?
    Spontaneously I would say: absolutely nothing! I feel positively empty, in the sense of being open. I wish to pick up the thread of experiences from an earlier visit to Kalimantan: for me the borders between the beyond and this world merged. I should like to see Bapak’s vision for   Kalimantan realized.
  • What connection to the 2018 World Congress do you see?
    I could imagine that the way in which the Basara Youth Camp is organized could also be offered by the youths in the organization of the World Congress: with engagement, competence and joy, which is essential at such a gathering!
    The Basara motto = "My Basara – My Subud" could also apply for Freiburg = "My World Congress – My Subud"!
WCOTeam members
(more presentations will follow in the next issues)
Contact woman for SICA:

Rusydah Ziesel, married to Anwar

Current group: Munich, Germany

Previous positions in Subud: helper, national helper, director on the SICA board
Profession and professional experience: fairy-tale story teller, clown, painting- and creative therapist

Further Call for LOGO
We are seeking THE LOGO for the 15th SUBUD WORLD CONGRESS!
Do you have an idea that you can realize in design? Are you full of finger-tingling expectation for Freiburg and the Subud World Congress? If so, then please design the logo for the 15th Subud World Congress!

The WSA executive team together with SICA seek THE LOGO for the coming World Congress 2018 in Freiburg, Germany. The logo will be used on the official congress website, on letterheads, placards, shields, as well as on flags, bags, beakers and T-shirts, etc.

Because it is an official logo, you should be a Subud member. Please also be prepared to surrender the rights for you design to WSA so that we can work with it.

The following requirements should be met by your logo!
  • Included in the text should be:
    15th Subud World Congress
    Freiburg, Germany
  • Please definitely use the Subud symbol and consider the following guidelines!
  • The color for the Subud symbol is gold or yellow.
  • Text or other design elements must be placed below the symbol.
  • The symbol should be visibly clear and unadulterated, which means that letters or other de-sign elements should not cover or be behind the symbol or be visible through the symbol.
  • The Subud symbol may not be used as a part of another element – for example, displayed with sunbeams.
Here is another tip: Google “Freiburg im Breisgau”, the city between the Rhine and the Black Forest, and you will definitely acquire a few ideas...

All of the sisters and brothers who submit a design according to the guidelines automatically participate with us, the members of the WSA executive team and SICA, in the selection procedure.
The decision for the LOGO selected and the name of the designer will be published in various Subud publications. The other designs are also to be honoured through publication.

The final submission date is 1 March 2017. Please send your logo design to the following e-mail address:

It now remains for us to wish you a great deal of joy and inspiration. We are already greatly anticipating your designs and thank you for your engagement.

Your WSA executive team the SICA team 
English tuition with Harina Easty
A World Congress with brothers and sisters from all over the world, a great deal undertaken in English and preparation in an international team: there is no better reason for improving my English. Therefore, for the last two months I have had tuition in English from Harina Easty. Actually nothing special, or perhaps so? Harina in Athens is a professional English teacher, my “school chum“, Rusydah Ziesel, is in Munich and I am in Wolfsburg and we all meet via Skype. Harina puts lessons and homework in the Dropbox. Dates are flexibly arranged and I can only say that it really is fun, it is very personal and helpful and all at a very reasonable cost! If your interest has been aroused get in touch with Harina at:
WCOTeam seeking for Volunteers
We seek for our WCOTeam volunteers responsible for the following tasks:
  • Accommodation
    this person is our connection to the tourist office and fundamentally mediates hotels and takes pleasure in finding private accommodation. Experience in the hotel field is desired.
  • Personnel management
    this person is the contact partner for the individual task areas when experts are needed. He or she also supports the individual task areas in respect of the management of volunteers. Strong nerves, the power of persuasion and humor are required.
  • Translations in Spanish
    we seek people who can above all help us now in the preparation phase with translations in Spanish from the English or German. Moreover, mostly at short notice!
  • Subud World Congress 2018 Registration
    Hello Subud Brothers and Sisters, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rita Oakford and I am the Registration Coordinator for the next Subud World Congress 2018 in Freiburg Germany. Today I am looking for people who would like to work with me in the team!
    We expect to welcome around 2,500 to 3,000 people from all over the world to the next Congress, many of whom may not know either German or English, so we would like to find people who also speak Spanish, French or Russian, etc.
    We would also love to hear from anyone who would like to be part of the Registration Team before the Congress, as well as during the Congress. If you feel you would like to be part of the team please contact me by
    Phone:   +49 5365 9797 218
    Mobile:   +49 176 21215948  
    Skype:   ritaaulig
    Thanks! And see you in Freiburg, or maybe sooner…
Next meetings
20. – 22.01.17   in Hamburg

10. – 12.03.17   in Wolfsburg within the Susila Dharma AGM

24. – 26.03.17   Bonn / Koenigswinter

28.04. – 01.05.  Freiburg

16.06. – 18.06.  still open

31.07. – 06.08.  German National Congress / Meinerzhagen

International Meetings

Between 6 and 16 July 17 Zone4 Meeting in Greece

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