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Hello and welcome to the Weekly Weigh-In!

The topic, this week, is sugar. Research shows further links between sugar consumption and certain cancers, such as pancreatic and colon cancer.

Regular readers of Mother Nature's Diet will not be at all surprised to be reading 'the evidence against sugar' again today, sorry to keep banging this drum!

This week has been a busy week for news and I have lots to share with you today. Of particular interest was this article from 2013, which identifies a clear pathway by which high dietary sugar intake directly increases the risk of cancers forming. As the article notes, the dose makes the poison. I have said many times before, we should think of eating sugary foods the same way we think of smoking cigarettes. You could probably smoke one cigarette every month for your entire life and it would never cause you ill health, but we all accept that if you smoke a pack-a-day for decades, then you massively increase your chances of suffering from lung cancer.

So it is with sugar. You could eat one chocolate-chip cookie per month for your entire life and it would likely never cause you any ill health, but if you eat a whole packet of cookies every day, you would almost certainly end up with all manner of health problems - type-2 diabetes, obesity, possibly heart disease and maybe cancer. The dose makes the poison. 

Non-communicable disease

As we have covered before, non-communicable diseases are the main things that kill us these days, and a hefty proportion can be avoided or delayed by adopting a handful of simple healthy lifestyle habits, such as not smoking, eating more vegetables, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Being overweight or obese is a direct cause of 13 types of cancer, and being overweight is the second largest preventable cause of cancer in the UK. One major worrying problem is that the public are just not aware of this information. As we are heading for a situation where three quarters of the UK population will be overweight or obese just 20 years from now, there seems no end to this growing problem.

Obesity leads to type-2 diabetes, increased rates of heart disease, and increased incidence of cancer. Sugar is widely acknowledged as a leading contributory factor to our obesity crisis, and as you can now see, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the obesity epidemic is also an underlying driver of type-2 diabetes, heart disease and more

No matter how tedious or elementary it seems, simple healthy living is still our best defence against these growing problems. The Mother Nature's Diet lifestyle combines all the best advice to help prevent obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we will never completely eradicate these health challenges, as some causative factors are genetic, environmental, or accidental. But if we all adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, and exercise regularly, we can easily maintain a healthy body weight and massively reduce our chances of suffering from these conditions.

Also in the news

Staying on the subject of sugar: Big Sugar's Secret Ally? Nutritionists

So are sugar-free diet drinks a better option? Not according to this article.

Is it just the sugar in these processed foods that might be causing cancer? Nope, it might be the palm oil too. 

Oh dear, so we should avoid sugar (Mother Nature's Diet Core Principle 2) and highly processed foods (Mother Nature's Diet Core Principle 3) then. Maybe it would just be safer to take a bunch of health supplements? Erm, nope, maybe not...

Just eat real food! Plants and animals!

There are a lot of links in The Weekly Weigh-In this week, sorry to bombard you with so much reading. While you are 'out there' in cyber-space reading all this stuff, keep an open and critical eye on everything you see. Questions the source, question the motives behind the authors. From random bloggers, up to multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, and all stops in between, we have to be cautious about what we are reading.

Learn more about publication bias, vested interests and marketing tricks by watching this great TEDx presentation, and check out this article about 'The Most Honest Man in Medicine?'

Question everyone! Including me! I am not a qualified doctor, but I have 'been there and done it' and learned by losing 101 pounds of fat, and reading over 840 books and studies, and I do the very best I can to bring you clear, honest, simple good health advice, free from false promises or b/s marketing tricks. 

Keeping it real for you!

To your good health!


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