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Your monthly dose of nature and history is here for you! Although our indoor facilities remain closed, our outdoor open space known for its breathtaking views, luscious vegetation, and historical markers is awaiting your discovery.
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A Thousand Memories
By Naturalist Martha Cerda

We’ve all heard of the common English adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ The idea is that a picture tells a story, if not better than, a jumble of written words. On the plus side, images can also bottle up a mix of sentiments.  
Take a look at the picture below for the next couple of seconds. What do you see? Hopefully after reading this you’ll have a different perspective.
This is a picture taken last week sometime in the afternoon at the Alviso Adobe Community Park, your favorite historic hub in the City of Pleasanton. The picture is taken from the visitor center/replica Milking Barn looking towards the East Bay hills and Pleasanton Ridge. At a glance, a few natural icons of the park made the shot, like our circle stump circle which doubles as a gathering spot and natural playground. The stumps were crafted by  park staff from a Valley oak tree, same species as the one you see dominating the shot.
The Valley oak tree is the largest oak in California, it grows to over 100 feet tall and can live up to 400 years. As a keystone species – a species on which many other organisms in an ecosystem depend – these trees can support countless of plants, fungi, insects, invertebrates, and animals. The oak tree pictured provides shelter for many birds like Acorn woodpeckers, Tree swallows, European starlings, among others chatty flyers. The thick, ridge bark, trunk, and tree limbs serve as natural storage drawers for Acorn woodpeckers to stash acorns through the winter season. And cavities serve as safe nesting sites.  
With spring in full effect, the oak’s lobbed leaves are a mix of fresher lime green and darker, more mature leaves. The young leaflets’ chloroplasts (part of the plant that contains the green pigment chlorophyll) are still developing giving off that lighter green hue. As leaves mature, they begin making additional pigments.

This majestic tree works around the clock, serving as a valuable habitat and food source for countless of species. In addition to providing shade on a hot, sunny day for many, including us. Not to mention, this oak tree and the surrounding trees are mitigating the effects of global warming by reducing ground surface temperatures, sequestering carbon in their mass, and improving air quality by storing carbon dioxide and exhaling precious oxygen. It has been studied that one tree can absorb up to 10 pounds of air pollution in a year. Remember how old Valley oak trees can live to be?
And to the right, we see the Alviso Adobe peeking, a building that has withstood so much and represents a plethora of memories. A picture is worth a thousand memories. Take a peek at the picture again, what to you see now? What does it remind you of?
In honor of Arbor Day, a national holiday that celebrates trees and encourages everyone to plant a tree, this month you can participate in the Alviso Adobe’s 2nd Annual Arbor Day Tree-Blitz. The Pleasanton Arbor Day Tree-blitz is a communal citizen science effort where you can help take a snapshot of Pleasanton’s tree diversity. Participate by finding, identifying, and helping document tree species using a virtual tree identification tool to celebrate and connect with nature. See below for more details!


Learn more about Earth Day and get the scoop from Katie Delang, City of Pleasanton Librarian for some good reads to celebrate and continue making a difference this Earth Day!

Access the video on the Library's flipgrid content page here.


This Arbor Day participate in Pleasanton's Arbor Day-Tree Blitz. The Pleasanton Arbor Day Tree-blitz is a communal citizen science effort where you are invited to get a snapshot of Pleasanton’s tree diversity. Find, identify, and help document tree species using a virtual tree identification tool to celebrate and connect with nature.
  • Join the project by clicking here and get started!
  • Watch Naturalist Martha explain how you can participate here & share your experience. 


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