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Our second month was mostly filled with a visit from Tonya's parents. It went well; we were able to do some fun things, including a hike to a waterfall and a stay at the beach. It was sad saying goodbye, not knowing when we will see them again.

While they were here we hosted about 10 of the neighbor kids for a time of singing, a little talk about how God made us and loves us, a craft and some games. The craft was a simple coloring page that the kids could then cut out and fold up, and it was so cute to see how each of the children, even the older ones, really took their time with it and did a good job. Having the kids here was a joy, and laid the groundwork for what we plan to be doing with the homework help program we want to start in a few months. We will host another class like this on a monthly basis until we are ready to officially begin the program. We also hope to start bringing some of the kids to church with us.

We are all continuing to adjust, and are starting to feel more settled. Jolie started online school, and the other three will begin homeschooling soon. We are getting used to things like our oven not having a set temperature, a washing machine that takes half a day (although we are hopefully getting that fixed this week), and the slower pace of life here. The mosquitos are biting us less; the boys have slept without their mosquito nets the past few days and seem to be ok.
Look at the girl on the left's smile. The kids really enjoyed the craft and took pride in their work.
Prayer requests:

-It is noisy here at nighttime, and although we have learned to sleep through a lot of it, Jolie is struggling. Her bedroom is the only one downstairs, so her windows are closer to the chickens which roam the neighborhood, as well as the barking dogs. Please pray that she will begin to mercifully sleep through it all, or that we can figure out a way to help her. She has started to sleep with two fans to help block the noise, and it's helping a little.
-About one or two months before we moved here we learned that the seminary Ben had planned to help out with had been shut down. He still desires to teach theology and Bible study classes, so pray that the details will be worked out and he can use his gifts in these areas.
-Continued prayers for our adjustment here, language learning, relationship developments within the neighborhood, and friends for our kiddos are much appreciated. 

As ever, we are so thankful for the support of so many of you. We received several encouraging emails this month from people letting us know they're praying. Thank you; it means so much. It was also super fun to receive a care package! (A note here about mail: there is no public mail service here. We have an address [see below] in Miami. Unfortunately, we can't receive letters unless they are in a package. Also, because shipping will only be paid through Miami, we have to pay an additional $4 per pound when we pick it up here. We are asking that people who wish to send a package keep this in mind, and perhaps include a check for the additional shipping costs.)

Thanks so much, everyone!

In Him, Ben, Tonya, Jolie, Ivan, Samuel, and Melody
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