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The Time for a Redeemed Man to Go Home

 “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”
― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

This is Chris & Donna King.  We have been friends with them for over two decades. They, like us, have seven children. Their youngest is fifteen.  December 5, 2016 we sent our newsletter out with the single word, “Committed.” We had purchased our tickets and were leaving to Davao. We were able to buy tickets, primarily, because a gift from the Kings.

After we arrived back to the states we went to visit them the day after Christmas. Bill was attending a conference in which you can read about below.  The day we arrived Chris was admitted to the hospital, although very ill, we were confident that we would get to see him. However, his heavenly father called him home two days later. We stayed and mourned with Donna and the children that were still at a home for a number of nights thereafter.

Please remember that regardless of what side of this earth you live on that this material life is temporary. We are on a pilgrimage, we yearn for something, someone, this world cannot supply us with. 

Chris is home now, resting in his father’s arms and he is missed by so many here.
The Kings very much wanted to get a picture of "all of us" when they came to visit in 2016.
Forty-Five Days
Celebrating Christmas with the family. One grandchild is missing, she was napping.
After traveling for approximately thirty-six hours we finally touched down in Chicago forty-five days ago. Please allow us to explain where these days went, and what “home” means to us now.

Bill was gone for the entire two years and Wendi was home for just brief 40 days this last summer.  Here is what has transpired since we arrived back to the states.
  • We landed on the 11th of December and worked to get over jet lag. We enjoyed the children and grandchildren for 14 days, leaving toward St. Louis on the 26th of December.
  • We stayed with the King family until the 2nd of January. The school had paid for Bill to rent a car and attend the Urbana Conference with RCE (Resourcing Christian Education International, our sending organization) for recruiting purposes.  He would drive into to the city at about noon and get back to the house about 9:00 pm. We headed back to Indiana on the 2nd of January.
  • On the morning of the 3rd we got up early and went to see our son who is a sophomore at Purdue Fort Wayne.  It was his day off from work and still winter break from school. We came back the same evening.
  • The morning of the 4th we had been back in the states for twenty-three days. . . and we unpacked, began laundry, and rested for some time!
We do not yet have car, but are pricing them and do except to purchase us pre-owned vehicle soon. We live 45 minutes from the most of our children and grandchildren, but am just a five minute walk to Wendi’s mother. It is good to be near her again.  

It was very emotionally difficult to leave Davao. Bill cried when the plane broke ground out of Davao. Many people had told us that we were an answer to their prayers by coming to FIA. We were touched by so many people, so many good people.

We feel more than ever that we don't really have a place to call home. If you are not familiar with the term, Third Culture Kids (TCKs) the we ask you to please read this short article.  We understand that our priority must be our children and grandchildren here in the states, however as the article points out we are part of a hidden population that longs to find a home, but as we slide in and out of your church pews, it simply eludes us.

Wendi has stayed busy Blogging and working to manage AmblesideOnine with a number of other ladies across the globe. There is an AO Retreat in April, if you’d like to come, sorry  . . . it sold out a long time ago!

Thank you for praying and sacrificing for us to go to Davao City, we have no doubt that this is where our God wanted us to be for that time.  However, two years was a very long time to be gone from our beloved children and grandchildren.  Below, we will begin to address what’s next for The Capeharts on the Move.
Now what?
What's next?
So, what’s next for the Capeharts? As any good teacher would say, “that is a great question.” However, at this point my answer would have to be Ang Dios Nahabilo, which means “The Lord Knows." This is one reason we have hesitated to produce this January edition of Here I am, Send me.
Here are possibilities:
  1. Bill has been in discussion with RCE (the sending organization) about helping recruit staff for the schools that they work with. There are about 90 different schools across the globe that they work with. All of them are Christian schools and each of them needs staff. This we know.  However, he would only receive a stipend along with other related expenses paid for. He would be required to continue to raise some support, but would also work to create an income through tutoring, for this is what he enjoyed most at FIA.
  1. He has also recently applied to fill a Zoo Directors position in the town where most of our children reside. It’s a relatively small zoo. The regular income would be nice, hours would be hard and long but he thinks he would enjoy it. He also thinks he can do the job and with the Lords help could succeed in the position. Being near the kids and grandkids would help. We hope to hear something in the next week regarding this position.
  1. Or something altogether different that the Lord has not made known to us yet!
Please pray for us in this process.

As soon as we have some answers about the zoo we will send out a short update.  You can still expect to receive periodic updates from us.
This is a collage that Bill produced as he gets ready to market himself as tutor.
Bill & Wendi Capehart

“We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.”    Luke 17:10b

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