April 2018

 Clarissa, Bryony, Victoria, & Alice

 These are 4 of our 14 grandchildren, but we have not seen these special ones yet. They were born after we left to come here.

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April 2018

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 Thank you for all your prayers. February flew by, and March marched right, and it’s presently April 29th here on this side of the world.

We have been so very busy. Bill has been helping with the accreditation process. The school is presently working on the self-study portion which has to be submitted in June and the accreditation visit is scheduled for next year.  As progress was being made, something else came up and he was asked to help chaperone the week long high school outdoor education (OE) trip.

OE lasted from a Saturday to Friday and consisted of serving the needs of the community. Various groups painted the dorms at an orphanage, shoveled muck from drainage ditches, dug a fishpond (through coral rock), worked rebuilding flooded houses, planted trees, tilled (by hand) gardens & built rabbit pens. The students worked very hard, in some very hot conditions. Each evening there was a devotional and worship time, followed by lights out at 10:00 pm.   It was an extremely enjoyable trip; however it was just as exhausting.  This also meant that Wendi was alone with Angel for the entire week. But, being the retired super military spouse she is, she managed.

After his return he took Sunday off, but then was needed to participate in an inquiry that required him to work about twelve hours each day for the following six days. Overall this process took over five full weeks to complete. Wendi greatly helped by working with student that Bill normally works with.  She had to be to the school at 7:30 in the morning & tutor the student until 9:25. Often she not go home afterwards but would then go (with Angel in tow) to help Korean Christian missionaries learn English.

Bill is still working with a handful of students who are struggling academically and feels he’s encouraged about dozen students from kindergartners to seniors.

Prior to OE we were having company over at least once if not twice per week for dinner. We were also having a couple of local evangelists that we worship with coming to our house on Thursday mornings at 5:30 to study and pray with us. They normally bring a couple of younger men with them. 

Also, since our last newsletter Bill learned of the passing of his mother back in the states.  He found out during the school day by receiving a message from a high school friend offering their condolences.  That evening he was able to contact some family members to confirm this. As hard as this seems it would be, he was not close with his parents, and didn’t take any time off. It’s been somewhat difficult for him, but in some ways it’s closure to a painful part of his past.
Many of our FB friends may have seen this photo already, but recently about 19 people from Church came and had lunch with us.
Wendi wasn't there because she's been ill for the last three weeks. She was prescribed medication for a possible amoeba or parasite infection, but will be going back to the doctor for further examination and possible testing.
Please keep her in your prayers.
Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Our Lord continues to bless us here.  We miss each of you back home ever so much and hope to be home by this next Christmas. If you feel led to partner with us please feel use the link below.
Resting in our Lords grace and mercy,

Bill, Wendi, & Angel
So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded, say,
‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty."    
Luke 17:10

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