Ang Dios na Hibalo

The Lord Knows

Ang Dios na hibalo is something we are saying to each other a lot these days.  In English, this is God knows.  We return to the U.S. in December.  We don't know what we will do for transportation in the U.S.  Ang Dios na hibalo.  We do not know where Bill will be working or how much he will earn.  Ang Dios na hibalo. We don't know what we'll be doing when we return home (besides all grandbaby hugging, story telling, kissing, and loving on we can fit in each day).  Ang Dios na hibalo. 
The count-down has started. Pagandam kita. We are preparing.  This entails many things.  Some of them, in no particular order, are:  Untangling our hearts a bit from the friendships and connections we've made here.  It hurts.    Buying our plane tickets and deciding if we'll sleep in the airport chairs with Angel during our 12 hour layover in Hong Kong or Beijing, or if we'll spend extra for a lounge pass. 
Preparing ourselves mentally for the cold that we will face in December.  Wendi was able to fly back to Indiana for a business trip in July, and she was cold then- she wore a sweater while others were sweating and complaining of the heat.  She borrowed her mother's wool socks and put extra blankets on the bed while her mother was asking if she needed an extra fan.  We expect the cold in northern Indiana in December to actually hurt.  An American friend who lives here told us it's called pineapple blood, and it might be quite a while before we return to 'normal.'   Wrapping up the work we have at school and in the community with English language lessons (Wendi has also been studying Korean).
Selling off our furniture, appliances and other odds and ends here.  We'd love to be able to give them away to people who could use them, but we can't afford to do that.  When we return home, Bill will be job-hunting.   We also need to buy a vehicle (we sold both of ours when we moved here), and we are looking at a 500 dollar repair in order to have a working oven, as well as the multiple small purchases associated with any transfer- those little things that add up quickly.  
We wondered if any of our friends and supporters would like to help us bless others with some of our items.  For instance, our church would like to buy one of our air conditioners, but can't afford the price we need to sell it (which is still much less than we paid).  Our helper has a friend who wants our refrigerator, but we need to sell it for more than she can afford (like our air-cons, we bought it new).  If you'd like to sponsor a gift for somebody local, please consider making a special donation and letting us know you want it to help us donate one of our items to the church or a family who needs it here in the Philippines.  If you want to be more specific, you can look over our list of things for sale and and choose one (or more!!).  If you can't donate enough to cover the cost of the item, just donate part ,and we can lower the price that much for people here.  Thank-you for considering helping us bless others this way.  You can also help by sharing this email with others, and by praying for our next transition.

An additional prayer request heavy on our hearts and urgent and dear to us is for our precious friend Chris King and his sweet wife Donna and all their children.  Chris is fighting Stage 3 non-small lung cancer with all his might right now, and he also has a heart murmer due to a calcified valve that cannot be really repaired until the cancer is gone or in remission.  Please join us in petitioning our Lord for more time on earth for this precious soul.  In fact, join us in bombarding the gates of heaven for a cure for cancer. It's a terrible scourge that I know has ravaged the lives of many of our readers, prayer warriors, supporters, friends and loved ones. 

Btw, if you are local to us in Indiana and have a spare electric blanket, wool socks, mittens, or any extra warm second hand clothing you'd care to donate or loan, let one of our adult kids know! 
Oh, dear.  They are all adults now! 

Bills visit to the Churches in the Tambobong District

Bill was blessed to be able to travel with the some of the preachers from Davao City, roughly an hour northwest of Calinan. They were supposed to go to a different area, but after they arrived they were told that the NPA (New People’s Army) and Philippine Army were both in that area, because of this, the brothers, wanting to keep him safe, decided not to travel there. 
Click here to see the video (5:37)
Click here to see the photo album from the trip (120 images)

We love these men and their families'.  They are brothers in Christ,  servants of the Most High, capable & caring. We have only known them for 23 months, but feel so very attached to them. We will shed many tears leaving them.

One last humble request.  Each of you have remained faithful in your support for us and for that we will be ever grateful. I have started looking, & as we get back to the states I will be continue to be searching for what God wants me to do next. Walking by faith, not by sight.  If you are currently providing monthly to support us here, I ask you to please consider continuing through March. That will allow us funds for a vehicle,  some travel, time to see many of you and realigning our budget for the stateside economy.

"The Most Humbling Thing" 
Facebook showed me this memory from two years ago. 
Thank you
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