In May we asked you to pray for us as we had a very difficult decision to make. We trusted God and believe that he answered that prayer in a positive way. If you did not read that newsletter you can read it by clicking here.

Last month we explained our decision and then explained our needs. If you missed reading it you can read it by clicking here.
Here is an update as of June 30th. 
Our Financial Needs:
  1. We will need financial support that totals $1,000.00 per month, starting in January of 2020 for 24 months.  We already have commitments for 45% of what we need on a monthly basis!
  2. Bill has had his computer for seven years now and had intended to get it replaced prior to going overseas again. Now that we are leaving in January instead of next June and will not be accepting the salaried position at the secular school in Davao we are asking for help with the purchase of a new one. Using Consumer Reports as a reference, he would like to purchase this one before they leave. It retails for $1,000.00.  A  dear Christian called to ask why Bill chose this specific computer. The gentleman actually works in the IT field and began to make some recommendations about different computers on Newwegg. They spoke for about an hour and the next morning the man sent a message explaining that they were going to buy the computer for him. We had it sent to him as he is giving it some upgrades. You can see the pictures below.
  3. The leaning center in KK will have a soft opening in the fall and it would be very beneficial if Bill could fly there late August / early September to meet people and help the initial start up for a few weeks.  Airfare will be approximately $750.00   Someone told us that they hope to be able to help with this, but as of yet they cannot commit to a specific amount. 
Please pray and ask our Heavenly father for guidance as you consider helping us with any of these needs. 
This page explains the different ways you can give.
Feel free to call or email Bill with any questions.
This is Bills current laptop that he has had for over seven years.
This is the one he is being blessed with. It is a refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G3. It's being upgraded with an 1T SSD hard drive.
Their son is helping with the upgrade.

Do you see a man skillful in his work?
He will stand before kings... Proverbs 22:29
Bill is willing to speak to churches, missions groups or any other group that would like to learn more about International Christian Schools and how important they are to the Christian Missionary in the field.

You can download his letter below.
Download the letter
These links will provide more information about Rocklin Learning Centers
The Millers Newsletter explaining the need & who they are looking for 2019 (pdf)
Rocklin Learning Centers in Malaysia
Rocklin Learning Center in the States
Rocklin Directors Newsletter
Rocklin Learning Center (KK) Brochure
This is Bill with Russell Wiesner. Russell is the director of Rocklin International and had a chance to stop by to discuss the need in Kota Kinabalu

Bill & Wendi Capehart
Luke 17:10

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