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June 2018

Hello from Davao!
School is out. Graduation was May 25th. Two of our kids came and stayed with us for about three weeks right after school. That was a very restful time for us. We had not seen either of them for over a year and enjoyed spending time with them. We spent a few days at Blue Waters, took a boat trip &, with the exception of Wendi, we took a 2 hour bus ride to the Tagum City and visited Banana Beach Resort.  Wendi had previously committed to speak at a homeschool conference here in Davao that day. 
Wendi was able to go back with them to the states and will be there for about six weeks. For those who may not know she is on the board of a small non-profit and needed to go back to have their annual meeting. So, she had her airfare paid for and Angel was put in charge keeping track of her daddy! She will be gone most of the summer and will return just before the next school year starts. She is spending time with our grandbabies! Lord willing, we’ll all be home this next Christmas so I can see them as well!
This summer I am trying to fill a much needed recruiting role here at the school. There has been a major shift in the way teachers come to international Christian schools. Previously larger sending organizations (SIL, Wycliff, OMF, etc) would recruit, train, vet and help them to raise their own support. Those larger organizations have now slimmed down and it is now up to the schools to do most of this. Also for those who may not know, I have a small background in recruiting so when the person who was filling this position headed back to the states for furlough, I offered to step in and help.

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Below is a piece that Wendi wrote about three months ago, we were in the middle of the second semester of the school year then. She brilliantly describes what it was like. I sure do love her.  I must point out how wonderful she is and even in her absence she is still able help make this newsletter a worthy read!
In addition to the work Bill does with kids with disabilities who need extra help, he also works with the following areas/teams/committees:

Child Safety

He was working with recruiting, but that became too much. Lately he’s putting in 12 hour days and stomping out lots of little fires here and there.

Part of his daily workload has included one on one tutoring with one student every morning for 2 hours, and the tutoring is of a nature that I can provide, so to help him out, I started doing this last week. The plan is not for me to do this long-term, it’s an interim measure during a particularly busy period of time due to some time-heavy issues that came up with one of his areas of responsibility.

This is the same child I already tutor after school for an hour, two days a week.

Her English skills have lagged which is causing her to fall further and further behind, and so all of what I do is geared to just filling in the gaps, broadening her vocabulary, improving her reading and comprehension skills, and I have a fairly free hand. I get to read to her, with her, and have her read the books of my choosing and then we talk about them, and occasionally sing an English language folk song. So this is fun for me. She’s a really sweet, good natured, delightful child, so that makes it even more enjoyable. The only part I don’t love is the morning part, which requires getting me and usually Angel up, fed, groomed, dressed and out the door at 7.

One of the things I get to do here is English conversation for some of the adult Korean missionaries here. It came about because we invited one of the new young teachers here for dinner. She’s the daughter of missionaries who have been doing Bible translation work for years, and they live near the school. The work they do now is recording audio Bibles in various dialects and putting them on portable MP3 devices. English is the common language for the teams who put these projects together. So the new young teacher introduced me to her mother, and we had her over for dinner (the husband/father was out on the field at the time), and went out for coffee, and then they had us over for dinner. When they had a new couple come who needed to boost their English skills and she asked if I could help, and another couple on the team asked if I could work with them, too. At first it was one day each week. Now it’s every day for one of them, and almost every day for the other. The time and location change based on our schedules. They all live in an apartment practically on school grounds and it has a common living room/kitchen area they can use so we meet there when I am at school already to tutor my young student. Those sessions are supposed to be about an hour each, but because we enjoy ourselves and get to visiting, they end up being closer to 2 hours long- for each couple.

Bill is coming home after supper and he’s practically comotose, so he eats, we watch a K-drama together, and then he goes to sleep. We didn’t even have any company last week, except for our Thursday morning Bible study from 5:30 to 6:30. Everybody who comes to that is Visaya, and while most of the study is in English, two of them prefer to read and speak Visaya.

I have a helper 3 days a week, they both speak Visaya, and one of them tries to speak only Visaya to me. While the conversation meetings are mostly in English, I hear a lot of Korean during those meetings. So basically, the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard more ‘not-English’ than English, by nearly a 4 to 1 ratio.

And I’m blaming that, and not old age, for the fact that a couple nights ago during my weekly Visaya lesson while translating a Visaya sentence into English I had a sudden brain freeze and no matter how hard I tried, I could only think of the Korean word for uncle. I could not retrieve the English word from my brain for almost a full minute. My language teacher could not stop giggling for much longer than that.
His mercies are new every morning.
Thanks to each of you who read these newsletters, pray for us, and have financially sacrificed for us. We are striving to serve our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ here with each and every contact. From the mother begging on the street with her disabled daughter at her side, to the neighborhood kids who call us Uncle Bill & Auntie Wendi, to the student at the school with dyslexia, to the local evangelists who travel countless kilometers into the mountains to preach the gospel, we are striving to show His love to each one of these. 

If you have wanted to help financially, but have not yet, here is link to do so. We will still be here for another five months and then will be headed home, at which point we will shopping for used vehicle, as we sold both of ours coming here.

Love ya' all,
Bill, Wendi, & Angel
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